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Toby Fox gives progress update on Deltarune Chapter 3

Posted on September 15, 2023 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Deltarune Chapter 3 update

Original (6/30): Fans might be curious about Deltarune given how the game has been in development for a few years now, and we thankfully now have an update on Chapter 3 – from Toby Fox himself. The latest progress report was shared in a newsletter that went out this week.

Fox has indicated that work is progressing with the game’s third chapter as the final overworld area is being worked on. A lot has been going on, but Fox said that the fourth chapter will be “much more standard”.

Here’s the full status update on Deltarune from Toby Fox:

As was the case last time, we’re focusing on Chapter 3. However, there are a few people working on pieces of later chapters, such as bullet patterns or puzzles.

As for Chapter 3, we’re finally creating the final overworld area. You could think of it like the “Queen’s Castle” or “Card Castle”, but for this chapter. With this complete, the chapter will finally be playable all the way through…! (Fun Fact: I composed the song for this area in 2016…)

This Chapter is made of many different pieces… so it’s been hard to understand exactly how everything was turning out. Now that things are clearer, I just need to roll over the entire game with a steamroller and crush out all the bumps. There may be things to add, things to fix, or things to remove… but, many pieces have been quite polished already, so it won’t be too bad.

As you can tell, this chapter is shaping up to be a pretty strange one. I mostly focused on unusual gameplay elements, and it’s not too heavy on the story. Since it’s so frivolous, I feel a bit self-conscious about it… but, at least I got to try something different!

Anyway, Chapter 4 will be a much more standard chapter!

Deltarune will be available on Switch at launch. For now, fans can experience the first two chapters via the eShop.

You can sign up for the official newsletter yourself here.

(9/15): Fox has given another update on Deltarune Chapter 3 in the latest newsletter sent out to fans today. We have the report below.

We are continuing to work on Chapter 3! The Chapter got playable from beginning to end. After some restructuring and reshuffling of different parts, it’s feeling quite good to go through. Can’t say it’s finished yet, but the unfinished parts are certainly seeming less and less numerous. That’s good because try as I might to sleep, until the game is finished, I’ll see nothing but nightmares…

Earlier, we were considering having a stealth-focused section in the game where you would slowly, slowly sneak around certain areas.

After developing some concepts, we realized a mechanic which basically just makes you move slower isn’t necessarily fun.

So, we didn’t do that…

Anyway, feel free to listen to this song since it’s now unused here.

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