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Walking sim Transhumance announced for Switch

Posted on June 19, 2024 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop


This week, Ukiyo Games announced Transhumance as its first project. It will be available on Switch when development wraps up further down the line.

Transhumance is a walking sim at its core, but it’s also described as a “narrative” and “poetic” experience. You’ll ultimately lead a flock of ewes during the periodic migrations between winter pastures on the plains and summer pastures in the mountains.

Here’s some additional information:

Transhumance is a narrative, poetic and contemplative game in which you have to lead a herd of ewes during transhumance, the periodic migrations between winter pastures on the plains and summer pastures in the mountains. The route followed is entirely imaginary, although inspired by those followed by shepherds in the south of France, between Provence and the Alps…

To guide the sheep, the shepherd has one or more dogs to which he/she can give commands (go forward, right, left, come, etc.) to direct the flock. Dogs and ewes can be of different breeds to vary behaviour and the dogs can evolve and improve. The more experienced the dogs, the easier it will be to lead the flock!

This is where the main gameplay element lies: effectively controlling the dogs to guide the herd to its destination, on time and in optimum health.

From one stage to the next, the shepherd must ensure the well-being of his or her flock and confront the natural elements (storms, drought, etc.) and dangers (wolves, bears, etc.) with them. But he or she is sure to make other discoveries and encounters, at the bend of a track or an abandoned sheepfold…

The shepherds are required to repeat a transhumance, on the same route, for few consecutive years, with an ever larger and more demanding herd to lead. Over time, however, they will be able to see how the mountains and their flora and fauna are changing in the face of global warming…

The first story of Transhumance therefore concerns the mountains and how they have changed in front of the impact of human exploitation and climate change…

  • A poetic and original theme: the transhumance, listed as a world cultural heritage.
  • Unique gameplay: lead dogs, with different characters, to move the herd with the constraints of a transhumance.
  • Discover the mountain ecosystem with realistic and changing weather.
  • Raising awareness of a number of related ecological issues: global warming, reintroduction of wolves and bears, human impact, etc.
  • A strong narrative linked to grief, solitude, freedom, the mountains, their inhabitants and their mysteries…
  • It’s also a game that lets you contemplate nature, stroke your dog, talk to your sheep and photograph marmots!

Watch a trailer for Transhumance below.

Teaser Trailer

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