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Widget Satchel out for Switch on November 27

Posted on November 20, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

The ferret mischief game Widget Satchel has received a final release date on Switch. It’ll be out digitally on the eShop starting November 27, developer Noble Robot announced today.

We have the following overview and trailer for Widget Satchel:

Widget Satchel is a “Metroidvania-lite” where you play as a mischievous ferret on a space station. Sprocket is the name, and mildly inconveniencing humans is the game. With puzzles, platforming, collectibles, and gameplay that’s easy to pick up and play-but difficult to master-players will be able to replay Widget Satchel for years to come.

Widget Satchel was created with nostalgia in mind by Noble Robot director Mark LaCroix, who said, “As a kid who played a lot of NES games, something that surprised me when I returned to them years later is that I didn’t actually beat most of them. As a result, I felt robbed of my nostalgia for those games. I have no childhood memory of huge portions of Ninja Gaiden, City Connection, and most frustratingly, Gauntlet, each of which I considered among my favorite games growing up. I want a kid playing Widget Satchel today, upon returning years later in order to uncover the last of its remaining secrets, to have a fond and complete memory of the game.”

Pricing for Widget Satchel is set at $11.99. A 20 percent launch discount is planned until December 6.

Source: Noble Robot PR

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