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Woodsalt delayed again, now releasing in January 2021

Posted on December 9, 2020 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

The adventure game Woodsalt is experiencing another delay. After it was first planned to October, it was then pushed to this month. Now, however, it’s been moved for a second time, and is expected sometime in January.

Team Woodsalt said the latest delay has taken place to avoid competition with Cyberpunk 2077 and to implement a number of quality of life improvements. You can read the studio’s full statement below. 

Hey everyone, George from Team Woodsalt here.

Unfortunately we have chosen to delay Woodsalt by one more month for a couple of reasons, but off the bat I want to say that this is something we really, really wanted to avoid but reality is a cruel mistress.

The first issue is pretty obvious. When choosing a release date we worked on the basis of avoiding any large launches, looking at large titles and trying to find a window.

When we chose December 9th, it looked lovely and clear. Then Cyberpunk was postponed and they announced their release on December 10th. As confident as we are in Woodsalt, we can’t possibly compete for media space with that behemoth. We don’t have that Keanu money. We barely have Kevin James money (lol jk, we’re dirt poor).

To everyone who has been waiting and were aware of Woodsalt, I’m sorry if you’re deflated by this and I do totally get it, but I hope you understand that while this is our passion, we also need to keep the lights on. If this game tanks, we’re out of jobs and my choices affect our team as well as myself. Ultimately they’ve been by my side and supported me, and I can’t risk my impatience causing them to lose their future employment.

The other reason is that through testing, there have been a number of “quality of life” changes suggested that we think would really benefit the title. So far the reception has been really, really good and these little changes seem to just add a bit of intuitiveness into the gameplay.

We have many more games planned in the future, so it’s important that we play this as smartly as we can. I’m excited for everyone to have a look at Woodsalt, but I have to put that to one side to do what’s best for the game and the team that made it happen, because at the end of the day I wouldn’t be here to tell you any of this if it wasn’t for all of their hard work.

Sorry for the rubbish news. It was entirely my decision so any anger you may have direct my way and not theirs.

Have a lovely Christmas and tell Keanu I said hi.

Hope all’s well,

George Berry,

Founder, Producer

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