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Xenosis: Alien Infection heading to Switch

Posted on May 25, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Xenosis: Alien Infection

Xenosis: Alien Infection has reached a $25,000 funding goal on Fig. Thanks to that success, NerdRage Studios is assuring fans that a Switch version will happen.

Featuring a retro 2D pixel art with 3D modern lighting, dynamic shadows, and 3D positional audio, Xenosis: Alien Infection is a retro-inspired, top down sci-fi adventure and survival game. It is inspired by the likes of Alien Breed, System Shock, Aliens, Dead Space, and Event Horizon.

Here’s some additional information and a trailer:

You are a deep space salvage hunter in Xenosis Alien Infection who discovers the remains of the Carpathian, an apparently abandoned interstellar Starship built to terraform mineral rich planets on the edge of the known solar system that vanished over 50 years ago. Taking place on the Carpathian, you must retrieve the valuable data core. Life support systems are down, and there are traces of an unidentified toxin. As you explore, you begin to learn what happened to its crew and must prevent it from happening to you.

As players explore the Carpathian’s multiple themed, hand-crafted decks, each with areas to investigate and secrets to discover, the game’s main storyline unfolds, but players have the ability to follow side stories and lore as well. Xenosis Alien Infection offers five core gameplay pillars:, Combat/AI, Survival, Crafting, Lighting/Stealth and Immersion.


The inhabitants of the Carpathian are fierce and deadly. With advanced AI against you, use tactics to overcome your enemies. With multiple weapon types and deployable items at your disposal, you have unlimited tactical options from melee, close range weapons or snipe from afar with long-range and laser-based weaponry. You can even create and deploy turrets, sentries, and bots to assist you. Face off against a custom-built AI that can adapt, hunt, flank, work as a group and even flee for help. Enemies will use sight, hearing, and smell to find you, and will be relentless in their hunt for you.


The Carpathians environment is hazardous, you will need to maintain a supply of oxygen and power, whilst protecting your suit from damage and tears, otherwise your journey will end quickly. Battle not only enemies, but the hazards of the environment: extreme temperatures, radiation, toxins, and the vacuum of space.


Scavenge what you can from the ship and use it to craft supplies, ammo and upgrades for your weapons and environmental suit. Over 70 schematics to find and use at your disposal, giving you multiple options for survival. Exploration is rewarded with special upgrades, hidden items and specialised crafting materials.


Sometimes all out gunfights aren’t the way. Use stealth to bypass obstacles and enemies. With the dynamic light and shadow system, turn off or disable the lights, use shadows or move objects to create your own darkness. A fully dynamic system gives unlimited options for a stealthy approach.


Feel the tension and atmosphere of the Carpathian from a unique viewpoint. Utilising modern real-time 3D dynamic lighting and shadowing we bring 3D depth to a 2D game in a way that has never been done before. Add in 3D positional audio and a fully reactive and dynamic music system, you can literally feel the tension and atmosphere.

Xenosis: Alien Infection’s Fig page is located here.

Source: NerdRage Studios PR

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