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Zaccaria Pinball coming to the Switch eShop on July 23

Posted on July 13, 2018 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Zaccaria Pinball

Magic Pixel has dated Zaccaria Pinball for the Switch eShop. The title is expected to arrive on July 23.

Several different packs will be available for purchase at launch. They are as follows:

***Zaccaria Solid-State Table Pack 1***
Locomotion, Devil Riders, Pinball Champ tables, Farfalla, Blackbelt, Robot, Hot Wheels and Soccer Kings

***Zaccaria Solid-State Table Pack 2***
Shooting the Rapids, Star God, Magic Castle, Earth Wind Fire, Clown, Future World, Space Shuttle, Fire Mountain, Winter Sports

***Zaccaria Solid-State Table Pack 3***
Zankor, Pool Champion, Mexico ’86, House of Diamonds, Mystic Star, Spooky, Star’s Phoenix, Strike

***Zaccaria Electro-Mechanical Table Pack 1***
Aerobatics, Circus, Combat, Moon Flight, Lucky Fruit, Universe, Supersonic, Cine Star, Wood’s Queen

***Zaccaria Remake Table Pack 1***
Shooting the Rapids 2016, Space Shuttle 2016, Combat 2017, Circus 2017, Earth Wind Fire 2017, House of Diamonds 2017, Spooky 2017, Farfalla 2017, Magic Castle 2017

Zaccaria Pinball will be adding more tables on Switch in the future.


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