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Zombiotik planned for Switch

Posted on April 15, 2019 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop


Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Zombiotik will be brought to Switch. Totema Studio hopes to have it ready by August 2020 at the latest.

Here’s an introduction to the local multiplayer, tag-inspired game:

Zombiotik is a 3D local multiplayer video game based on tag and created by Totema Studio. It can be played by up to 8 players simultaneously. Zombiotik offers a quick and exciting experience to all levels of gamers with it’s simple controls and mechanics.

Who knew a contaminated yogurt would lead the world to its doom? Humans would get infected by what quickly became a zombie pandemic.

  • This family friendly game can be played by 1 to 8 players on a single screen.
    • Pandemic: 2 to 8 players play against each other to reach the highest score after 3 matches.
    • Time Attack: 2 to 8 players play against each other. The matches have a time limit and the first player to reach 3 points wins. Points are made by surviving or by infecting the last human.
    • Last Man Standing: 1 to 8 players survive as long as possible against a growing number of zombie AIs. The last person standing wins.
    • Coop Survival: 1 to 8 players against a growing number of zombie AIs. Work together to survive as long as possible against the horde.Play in any of 4 game modes: Pandemic, Time Attack, Last Man Standing and Coop Survival.
  • Choose among 8 different game maps, each with its own personality.
  • Players start the game as humans and, once infected, keep playing as zombies until the end of the match. Nobody is set aside during the game.
  • Humans can build and upgrade barricades to protect themselves from the invincible zombies.
  • Zombies must catch humans. They can find contaminated yogurts to gain super “beyond-the-grave” powers.
  • Zombiotik will be made available in both English and& French.

And a trailer:

If you’d like to contribute to the Zombiotik Kickstarter campaign, you can do so here.

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