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2K still saying WWE 2K18 is on track for Switch this fall

Posted on October 3, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Since the week that WWE 2K18 was announced for Switch, 2K has only committed to a general “Fall 2017” release. However, some had hoped that it would be out later this month alongside other platforms. This was somewhat due to marketing materials that surfaced at stores over the past few days pointing to the Switch edition possible landing on October 17.

For its part, the “Fall 2017” release window still sticks. 2K is not giving a more specific launch timing beyond that.

The official WWE gaming Twitter account reconfirms:


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  • Paddy Alfan

    I think it’s gonna fall from 2017.

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  • McCaron

    mmmm let me guess… 2K is pushing the switch to its limits and we’ll get a 30-fps game just like NBA2K18 ?

    • Terrance J

      Unfortunately that will probably be the case. A game like that always play better at 60 fpd

    • Randall Stricklin

      ummm… yeah. I don’t get people who are still expecting parity between ps4, xbox one, and a system you can literally fit in a big pocket.

  • Leonel

    The only bad thing I can think of this is if the game is available digital only for now and the physical version will come next year

  • Jeff Moreira

    I think that 2K will push the release date for WWE game as they have on the same day the physical release of the NBA and I don’t think they want both games competing on the same day for the gamer’s money.

  • Dustin Eaton

    I remember when 2K15 came out on PS3/360 and the PS4/XB1 version followed a month later. We may be looking at a scenario like that. Hopefully Switch owners won’t have to wait too long though. I’m looking forward to the first WWE game on the go since Smackdown vs. Raw 2011