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3DS update makes eShop and System Settings inaccessible for some users – here’s a fix

Posted on March 26, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Quite a few users have reported that their systems have been more or less bricked following the latest 3DS upgrade. There’s a large thread on Nintendo’s technical forums about the problem, which results from an unexpected error during the update process. Those who encounter the issue have been unable to access the eShop or System Settings.

There is a fix, fortunately! When turning on the 3DS, hold down the “L”, “R”, and “A” buttons while also pressing the “Up” area on the d-pad. You’ll then be brought to a system update screen to complete the process.

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  • ProjectArt

    I’ve had another issue though. Ever since the update, my 3ds can’t read my sd card, But once I play a cartidge game or go to another app, the data returns but I’m not able to play the major games I downloaded like MH4 or Smash and once I turn the system off, the process repeats. I have all the data from the card to my computer but I know for a fact it is not my SD Card, Has anyone else had this issue? I hope I’m not the only one

    • sonicfan1373

      I have had SD Cards act out in strange ways with my 3DS and other devices as well, try some of the following:
      Insert the card into your PC and copy a file onto it, remove it and connect it to the PC again and see if the file is still there. If the file is not there or you get an error writing the file check to see if the SD card is locked (there is a small switch on one of the sides of the SD card, if you notice you cannot write files flip the switch and put it back in the PC and it should let you write files and then insert it back into the 3DS and it should work).

      Just to ensure it is not the 3DS itself insert a another SD card and see if you experience the same issues. If you do have the same issues with different SD Cards then it might not be the SD Card but the 3DS itself in which case you need to call Nintendo for support. If the issue does not occur again with another SD card, then it tells you that something is either wrong with your SD card’s formatting (from my experience this is the most likely culprit ) or the SD card’s hardware.

      If that does not work then as I said it could be a formatting corruption issue with the SD Card (the 3DS reads SD Cards in the FAT32 format, which is a very old format and is prone to corruption; I have had this happen before with other SD Cards). Backup your SD Card’s data (although sometimes it is better to just redownload everything because data corruption can effect the files on the card itself), format it as FAT32 drive (if you are using Windows go onto My PC, right click on the SD Card, for format select FAT32 [will not work in the 3DS if it is formatted exFat or NTFS], select quick format and leave the rest of the options as they are. This will delete all of you data, so make sure it is backed up, or better yet just redownload everything (for digital games and some cartridge games this means that you may lose your save file, but if you use your old back-up files there is a chance you will run into file integrity issues which will cause the same issues you are dealing with now on your 3DS). If you still run into problems (assuming you did not copy your backed up files back; or that you reformatted the SD card again after you tried moving the old files back) then the only thing it could be is the SD card itself.

      • ProjectArt

        When you mean redownload do you mean from the Eshop? I put in an empty 2 gb and it didnt have the error so it probably is my sd card being corrupted.

        • sonicfan1373

          Yes I mean from the eShop. Although you can try to use your backed up data, but if that does not work or you see odd issues happening (corrupt save files, games crashing, data not appearing, etc), you should reformat the card again on you PC and just download your games again from the eShop, the downside to this is that you will lose save data for your digital games and some cartridge games (most cartridge games save to the cartridge so those should not be affected, but some, like Fantasy Life, save to the SD card).