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Wii Fit: 64% of Japanese gamers already giving up

Posted on July 4, 2008 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii


Rather than a game, Wii Fit is more comparable to an exercise program. More specifically, it’s something that most people would consider playing in short bursts each day. A recent poll, however, shows that close to two-thirds of Japanese gamers are already giving up on the product. ITMedia in Japan took poll data from 1000 gamers and a staggering 64% of the participants said they stopped using Wii Fit after purchase.

Do you use Wii Fit faithfully everyday?

– 22% – I record my progress faithfully everyday
– 6% – Maybe once every two or three days
– 6% – Once a week
– 64% – Stopped using after purchase


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  • Methanous

    wasn’t that expected?? I doubt that 80% of people in America who bought it stopped using it after 2 weeks, over-hyped that is!

  • jake

    not surprising…

  • Staz

    That’s a shame, I like the wii fit.

  • Rocksy

    the Wii Fit is kind of 1984/Cyber Punk. I’ve never played it, but it’s kind of creepy, and cool at the same time.

  • Really, they were surprised after watching the people exercising on the commercials????

  • Josh

    The other 36% stopped using the Wii entirely not surprisingly.

  • Sparta

    I’m sure it’s worse in America

    Goes to show you can’t make exercise fun for the majority of people, nor make them stick to routines

    Wii is a one-trick pony

  • Sasha

    22+6+6+64 = 98?

  • Persia






  • I had the Fit here in Japan. It’s fun for a few weeks while you set the records and open up all the “levels”.

    After that you realize how little it does for your physical fitness level and you go back to what really counts

    The Fit was always a piece of entertainment, not a way to get fit … maybe for obese americans, but for the rest of the world, it just doesn’t cut the mustard

  • jordan

    wii shit

  • crazyoregonian

    OH NO, looks like a nintendo fanboy is upset that teh all powerful Wii isn’t as hot as it was when it first came out.

  • I just got the Wii Fit a couple of days ago, I’d been looking everywhere for it since it came out, and if I wasn’t so sore from the strength training and the hula hoop game (shut up, I’m out of shape), I’d be playing it right now. I personally love it. I like seeing how much better I can make my previous score in a lot of the activities. One thing I have to say about it, though, is that with the actual strength training and the yoga activities, there’s no way for the game to know if you’re doing it right. I tried doing the ‘jackknife’ ab exercises, and I couldn’t do it, so I cheated, and I got 100 pts on it.

  • And then there’s the few who’s actually benefitting (benefit, fit, wii fit, get it?) from it. That’s good enough in itself imo. Now let’s pass a law that everyone has to run a mile a day or something 😛

  • Hedgecore

    The Wii Fit wasn’t meant to turn you into Schwarzenegger… I work from home most of the time and doing a bit of the yoga and strength training (followed by 10-15 mins of the balance games as a reward) makes me feel a little less sluggish from sitting in the house all day.

    That said I skipped 29 days due to travel, getting 3/4’s of a sleeve tattoo done (bending/sweating = bad), and hangovers. Back on the trolley now though. 🙂

  • Jimmy Jones

    LOL, it’ll never replace the REAL Gym. Sorry.

  • JW

    might help if the people didnt have a king size snickers in their hand while playing it either

  • ib


  • Jordan

    I love my wii fit. I have been playing for 63 straight days and have lost 5 lbs. It makes mundane excercise a little more fun. Wii Fit rules.

  • @Jordan

    That scale doesn’t work for shit, I fluctuate 1-6 pounds on a daily basis. I “played” last night and had lost 4 lbs from the previous evening.

    Also, you know how that stupid little balance board avatar tells you you can weigh other things with it? Evidently my 8 pound dog weighs 0.5 pounds. So I hope you’re using a real scale.

  • Jason Osbourne

    I don’t recall the Power Pad on the original NES being that much fun either. Guess it’s been long enough that people forgot about it, and then bought it again.

  • Iwannawiionyou

    I just hope that Sony and M$ are paying attention and don’t try to follow the path of the wii. I’m sorry but as a hardcore gamer…I want nothing to do with their crap controls. I want to sit my lazy fat arse in my chair and have fun.

    To the wii fanboy who writes in all caps…while you are playing with your shiny new controller…I’ll be playing all the latest and coolest games that aren’t out for the wii.

  • Dave

    @Fark Yourself

    You said it’s broken because it says your weight fluctuates 1-6 pounds daily… but it’s supposed to.

  • Jimmy

    It should not take you 63 DAYS to lose 5 pounds while exercising…perhaps you should go to a gym.

  • Lukk Bobmna

    Right, it’s obviously Nintendo’s fault, it’s not like the people who quit are lazy or anything 😉

  • Binladen in my pants

    63days for 5 pounds, wtf are you eating? That’s just absolutely terrible progress.

    But hey, at least you lost pounds though.

  • XCWarrior

    I use it everyday, but this goes to show Nintendo needs to realize that the casual gamer is not how they are going to make all their money. They need to adhere to us core gamers. Won’t happen, but it would be nice.

  • Deb

    Wii fit is fun when you first get it because everything is new and exciting to play. But the problem is, it doesn’t take long to master the balance games and soon after the game loses a lot of appeal, just as the wii sports package did. However, I wouldn’t be too quick to write the balance board concept off as a total loss. If Nintendo can develop better games I’m sure the balance board/fitness concept will be a huge success.

  • tinydancer

    I have to say that most of you are very negative about the wii. my husband and i have had the fit for only a couple of weeks. no, we have not lost any weight on it but it has given us more energy and strength. i think it is great the innovation that nintendo has come up with. all sony and microsoft have done is recreate a computer. i have one of those, it is called a pc and i still get better graphics that either of them. although nintendo may not have all the doom and halo type games that appeal to what you call hard core gamers, they are promoting getting off your fat butt to move and play. at our house we hold turnaments using wii sports and wii play. my husband played zelda and worked up a sweat every time. i can’t say that S&M could do that. so, i think it is about time that a company thinks out of the box for once. that is my two cents.

  • lawlz

    “my husband played zelda and worked up a sweat every time. i can’t say that S&M could do that.”

    S&M? You probably weren’t doing it right. Whip it like you mean it.

  • NoSweat

    No offense but if you sweat every time you play Zelda, you must be seriously out-of-shape.

  • I think people were intrigued by the fact that you could get in shape by playing a video game. Of course, people revert back to their lazy ways and stop playing the game.

  • Dave

    If you cut back about 500 Calories a day (or cut back 300 and exercise for an extra 200 Calories worth–an hour on the treadmill), you will have a deficit of 3500 Calories in a week and that’s about one pound of fat.

    Assuming you didn’t gain much muscle weight, you’ll loose one pound a week, which is about the most you can expect. Loosing much more than that will be unhealthy and you’ll probably end up loosing more muscle mass.

    So five pounds could reasonably be expected in five weeks (35 days). 63 Days is a little slow. It’s only about 1/2 a pound per week.

  • Nintendo is going to need a game that’s a lot more FUN if they want the Fit to last! I’m thinking something like track and field or an olympics game. Maybe even a soldier boot camp game mixed in with some shooting for fun! If they’re smart, that’s what we’ll see this holiday season. If not, so long Fit!

  • Borwege

    By Lukk Bobmna on Jul 6, 2008

    Right, it’s obviously Nintendo’s fault, it’s not like the people who quit are lazy or anything 😉

    He said it best… I would bet a Million theoretical dollars that there is a higher % of people with gym memberships that don’t go then there is of people who don’t use the fit daily.

  • 64% giving up after buying! Thats BIG, what hope do UK gamers have of lasting?

  • kathyjacks

    My family has had the Wii since the original launch date. We waited in line for 13 hrs to get it . It has been played by someone almost everyday since then. We got a wii fit only about a week ago and all 4 of us have used it everyday. I don’t believe we will continue to use it forever because we have also been lazy about other excercise programs. I signed up for a gym membership which was a year contract and only went 2 weeks. I bought bikes for everyone and thought we would ride for excercise several times a week , guess what we did it for a week lol. Its not nintendo’s fault if i quit using the wii fit , its obviously mine. I can see that from my previous patterns of being lazy. Accept responsibility for your own actions, quit whining and blaming others and u just might feel better about yourself!And hey nintendo has a hit with the wii fit and by the time everyone stops usuing theirs they would have made millions and developed another hit to capture our attention so they are pretty damn smart in my opinion.To the person that only lost 5 pds in 63 days dont’ let these people discourage you. 5 pounds is pounds less then u had. I for one congratulate you and hope you stick with it. Not everyone has to loose a ton of weigh , and a person at a normal weight who uses wii fit probably won’t loose any , does that mean it doesnt’ work?

  • Well, maybe the Japanese are more in shape than Americans and find Wii Fit to be more of a hassle than a true workout?

  • ekbruster

    Well, maybe if they’d release more games that used the bored, it would keep it’s value, I mean come on, how many wii games do you own that you continue to play after you’ve finished all the levels on them? They all get old, that’s why they continue to make new games. If it gets us off the couch for a couple month’s its done more than the latest reality TV shows…

  • cortney

    wow im surprised so many people quit. i really wish i had one. i like this article though as well as i like this one: http://buzz.prevention.com/move-it-and-shake-it-with-wii-fit/

  • Rene van Delft

    I think it is very normal, that 80% of the people quit within a few weeks. These kind of statistics rule for a lifetime.

    I use the wee Fit because the gym sends me a bill of € 30,- every month. And yes a gym would be more effective, but much less entertaining. When I’m doing my exercises I am not interested in some idiot trying to pull a weight of more than his own body weight and shouting like a monkey so everybody can hear his pain.

    To get back on the statistics. 80% buys a product out off enthusiasm and 20% is really going to use it. That’s why 20% in life have success.

  • For those who dont use Wii Fit on a regular basis, it still remains a good party piece or for when you are having a few friends and family round.

    If Wii Fit isnt your thing, Nintendo now have quite a few new games that make use of the balance board :o)

  • Well, if they made the wii fit reward a cold stella and a kebab, then you would be sure that the UK consumers would be dedicated.

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  • Wii games rocks!!

  • They need to start playing new games and not only do a work out on the wii. Go for a walk and of course its also what your eating.

    Dont give up, change your ways.

  • Charles McNamara

    Make no mistake Wii Fit is a fad, but if it encourages a few people to get of the couch then so what! 🙂

  • Charles McNamara
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