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Did you know that Okami’s 12th anniversary is today? Capcom hasn’t forgotten, and is celebrating with some special art.
Mari Shimazaki and Kenichiro Yoshimura, the lead designers on Okami, worked together to create the image above.

After previously coming to Wii, Okami will be returning to a Nintendo system once again this summer. Capcom intends to release Okami HD via the eShop.


During the Wii era, High Voltage Software really made a name for itself. Third-person shooters and mature titles weren’t overly prevalent on the system, so the studio wanted to step in and fill the void. High Voltage saw some success with The Conduit, but had also promised another Wii shooter that never saw the day of light – that being The Grinder.

Liam Robertson and Unseen64 have taken a deep dive into the history of the first-person horror shooter and its development, including why it was eventually cancelled. You can watch the full report below.

When Super Mario Galaxy came to Wii, the game had its fair share of nontraditional controls. For instance, to perform the spin move, you needed to shake the Wii Remote. You also had to point the controller to certain places on screen to collect Star Bits.

Super Mario Galaxy launched for NVIDIA Shield in China a few days ago, and as we know, the device doesn’t feature motion controls. So how were the adjustments made here?

To spin, you now simply just need to press the X button. Also, the pointer is mapped to the right control stick. As one other final note, the A button when choosing a galaxy has been bind to RT instead of A.


When NVIDIA Shield launched in China a few months ago, a trio of Wii games were initially available for purchase. New Super Mario Bros. Wii, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Punch-Out!! were all offered on the device.

Today, another Wii title has joined the group. For those who have the Chinese NVIDIA Shield, Super Mario Galaxy can now be purchased as well.

Here’s a promo video:


This week’s Switch/ Wii U/3DS-specific UK software sales are as follows:


1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Nintendo
2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Nintendo
3. Super Mario Odyssey – Nintendo
4. 1-2-Switch – Nintendo
5. Splatoon 2 – Nintendo
6. Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – Ubisoft
7. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 – Nintendo
8. Rocket League: Collector’s Edition – Warner Bros. Interactive
9. Axiom Verge – Badlands Games
10. FIFA 18 – EA

Wii U

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Nintendo
2. Just Dance 2018 – Ubisoft
3. New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U – Nintendo
4. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze – Nintendo
5. Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Warner Bros. Interactive
6. Super Mario 3D World – Nintendo
7. Wii Party U – Nintendo
8. Mario Kart 8 – Nintendo
9. Splatoon – Nintendo
10. Minecraft: Wii U Edition – Nintendo


1. Pokemon Crystal Version – Nintendo
2. Pokemon Ultra Sun – Nintendo
3. Pokemon Ultra Moon – Nintendo
4. Mario Kart 7 – Nintendo
5. Super Mario 3D Land – Nintendo
6. New Super Mario Bros 2. – Nintendo
7. Miitopia – Nintendo
8. Luigi’s Mansion 2 – Nintendo
9. Tomodachi Life – Nintendo
10. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D – Nintendo

Source: Chart-Track

Shinesparkers has published a new interview with former Retro Studios staffer Jack Mathews. Matthews worked at the company as a former technical lead engineer on the initial Metroid Prime Trilogy.

During the discussion, Matthews had quite a bit to say about revised plans and cut ideas for the series. These include the initial idea to have Metroid Prime 2 be multiplayer focused, a more bounty hunter-like setup for Metroid Prime 3, and more. He also touched on some of the projects that were cancelled at Retro before Metroid Prime released.

You can find some notable excerpts from the interview below. Head on over here. for the full talk.

We’ve heard Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima say that the new worldwide sales target for Switch this fiscal year is 20 million units. That would surprise the previous target by about 1.4 times.

Speaking with Mainichi, Kimishima said: “In order to be playable in the long term, the second year is crucial. Our task is to add more users, including people who barely touch game consoles.” He also said Nintendo has to expand the game library, take in new players, and raise the Switch as “a game console with long lifespan.”

Last week, Nintendo reported that Switch has become the fastest-selling home gaming console in the US. Over 4.8 million units have been sold in the country thus far.

Nintendo is also finding similar success in Italy. The Big N says that Switch is selling faster than the Wii through the system’s first ten months, matching the same feat in the US.


iLife filed a lawsuit several years ago, claiming that Nintendo infringed on its motion-sensing accelerometer technology used in Wii Remote controllers. A jury delivered a verdict in August and sided with iLife. Nintendo was ordered to pay $10 million in damages.

The lawsuit is back in the news this week, but unfortunately, things haven’t gone well for Nintendo. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit upheld iLife’s motion-sensing accelerometer patent. Nintendo may still choose to appeal the verdict once the presiding trial judge over the case issues her judgement, and if there are any new developments, we’ll be sure to let you know.


Though the game had released many years ago, the online servers for GoldenEye 007 have still been up and running on Wii. At least in Japan, they’ll be going offline on March 30. The news hasn’t been confirmed for other territories as of yet, but other regions could certainly be impacted as well.

You might be wondering how the online play for GoldenEye 007 could still be running after the end of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection a few years ago. While most games for Wii and DS were affected, a few were not – including this title.


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