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A look at all three final evolutions for starter Pokemon in X/Y

Posted on October 2, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Since this is spoiler territory, you can find the full post after the break.

Evolutions for all starter Pokemon in X/Y have leaked through early copies found at retail. They are Chessnaught (Grass/Fighting), Delphox (Fire/Psychic) and Greninja (Water/Dark). Images of all three can be found in the gallery below.


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  • SparkRaid

    I need a drink…

  • JayHexx

    Hmm interesting. Was expecting grass/dark and water/fighting but eh

  • Jeremy Wayne Humble

    I…I think I just creamed a little…

  • Edgarska

    I thought they were going in a completely different direction with this, giving each pokemon a type with an advantage to the one they were previously weak to, but this is cool too.

    • Jeremy Wayne Humble

      I thought the same thing. So they just made them even more effective against the other haha

  • Jeremy Wayne Humble

    But all in all I am actually really happy with these evos! I really love how everyone thought Chespin would end up grass/dark and Froakie would get the Water/Fighting…then flipped it on us!

    • JayHexx

      I agree dude! Glad what they did tho.

  • JayHexx

    I’m set. Now all I have to do is wait for the game.

  • TwistedRai

    I’m still not convinced that they’re real.

    • Joe

      You’re retarded.

  • TwistedRai

    I don’t know but Delphox looks too fake to me

  • ehead

    Wow, those designs actually look great! Getting a Gen 1 feel out of this. One thing though, they can all stand upright now.

  • JCENAdaBest

    Pokemon needs to move on. In regards to this, they pokemon look stupid. Charmander, Bulbasaur and squirtal were all cool but these are pathetic.

  • oh-so-windy

    Daaamn baby girl, you need to trim those ears! These look great actually. Chespin’s looks way better than I expected.

  • DUDESastros

    these Pokemon r becoming waaaaay too humanoid..

    the frog ninja concept is probably the coolest idea for a starter since the fire chicken tho lol

  • smilingtomato

    Something about them is really fishy, i mean how does froakie lose all of his bubbles? none of them really link into their original two evolutions like pokemon usually have some carried over features

  • apoptygma

    not real until i have a confirmation

  • Trolol

    Greninja looks super gay with that scarf tongue… really disappointed with these final evos. But at least Chessnaught somewhat redeemed Quilladin

  • yeahi

    Ok..what the hell happened to froakie’s and frogadier’s little cloud scarf? How come delphox looks less mobile than her previous 2 evolutions? And why does chessnaught look nothing like chespin….I’m calling b.s on these final evolutions..

    • Jacob Jackson

      Dephlox is also missing the stick…

  • NineRealms

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  • Jacob Jackson

    Dephlox is missing its stick… BS?