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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp: Rover’s Garden Safari event now live

Posted on January 17, 2018 by in Mobile, News

Update: Round two of the Rover’s Garden Safari event is now live.


A new event is now live in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. It features Rover and it is called Rover’s Garden Safari. The event is a two part event with the first part beginning now and running into January 17th, while the second part of the event will run from January 17th until January 22nd.

The description of the events explains that Rover has come to your campsite in search of hard-to-find butterflies. In order to help him, you need to grow certain flowers that can attract butterflies and then catch them for him. There is also a second set of tasks for the second part of the event, which you will still be able to complete the first set of task during this part of the event. Completing these tasks will give you event exclusive furniture and clothing.

During the event you will be able to find these rare creatures and seasonal plants:

  • Diamond Butterfly
  • Topaz Butterfly
  • Winter Butterfly (available from January 17th)
  • Gold Winter Butterfly (available from January 17th)
  • Blue Dahlias (cannot be cross-pollinated)
  • Red Dahlias (cannot be cross-pollinated)
  • White Dahlias (available from January 17th) (cannot be cross-pollinated)
  • Once the event is over, these items will then be converted into Bells.

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