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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The latest Fishing Tourney has gone live in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

During the event, players are tasked with catching tourney fish and giving them to Chip. An in-game trophy is available – plus other prizes – depending on the amount and total size of the fish shared with the character such as the event material sakurapop. Sakurapop can be used to clear seasonal event goals. Prizes will also let players make their own Schoolroom.

The latest Fishing Tourney lasts in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp until April 29.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has updated with new animal maps for Blathers’s Treasure Trek. Truffles, Nana, Pinky, Gayle, and Marina are all now appearing

Here’s a rundown of their unlockable items:

Nintendo is still adding villagers to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on a regular basis. Just a short while ago, the company shared the above image, teasing the latest additions.

These characters should be going live within the next few days. We’ll let you know when they’re appearing in the mobile game officially.


Animal Crossing has kicked off the Bunny Day Egg Hunt, its latest event. Players are tasked with collecting bunny-day eggs scattered across the map. Collect enough of them and you’ll be able to craft colorful bunny-day eggs. A giant Zipper plushie is also available.

Here’s the lineup of Bunny Day Egg Hunt items:

Nintendo Labo VR is launching tomorrow. To celebrate the occasion, two special gifts are being given out to all players in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp: the Toy-Con Blaster and Toy-Con Bird. You have one month, until May 11, to claim these gifts.


Fire Emblem Heroes isn’t the only Nintendo mobile app to have received an update. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s latest version has gone live, too.

Version 2.3.0 has a few new features. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has added the Reissue Crafting functionality and “Let’s go!” button to notifications. There’s also an increase in the max capacity for collected items, on-screen display has been adjusted, and bug fixes have been implemented.

The second half of the latest Garden Event — Katie’s Time Out — is now live in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

While the event itself is the same, there are new flowers, tasks, and rewards this time around. The period will run until April 9th, with players having until then to grow flowers and complete Katie’s tasks.

Some screens of the event are displayed below.

A gift has been delivered to all players in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. A realistic-looking tanuki statue. This is likely a reference to Tom Nook, but since it’s April Fools days, he has been given a bit of a makeover. You have one month, until May 1, to claim the gift.


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has started the Blooming Announcement season event. Players are tasked with collecting sakurapops from different to get related goodies. Katie’s Time Out, Bunny Day Egg Hunt, and Fishing Tourney: Schoolroom will all provide sakurapops.

Obtain as many sakurapops as you can to complete seasonal event goals. The weeping-sakura tree, spring mochi, and long springtime skirt are also available as items.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – Blooming Announcement will end on April 29.

A new item titled “Katie’s sakura swing” is now available for crafting within Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and making it will allow Katie to visit your campsite.

However, this item is only available for a limited time, up until May 24th.

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