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Arcade Archives: New screenshots for upcoming Vs. games

Posted on September 14, 2017 by in News, Screenshots, Switch

Check out the gallery below to see the new screenshots from the upcoming Arcade Archives Vs. games coming to the Switch.


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  • Reggie

    I’m all for official emulation of the arcade games, but this is starting to make me wonder if VC will ever be a thing.

  • Leonel

    It’s fascinating that hideki kameya had actually said that he was expecting the arcade archives (not NeoGeo) and these games get announced

    He could be a troll at times but wow

  • ThreadShadow

    Too bad we can’t get the arcade version of Popeye. Nintendo should retool it into Donkey Kong 4 featuring Wario Vs. Donkey Kong so they can rerelease that fun game. The NES version too.

    • Blake Good

      I like that idea! Donkey Kong 4! Even including Wario is a good idea!

  • Blake Good

    Its nice that were finally getting Nintendo’s arcade games but could we PLEASE have some Virtual Console games already! The Switch has been out for six months now and still no VC. 3DS got VC three moths after it lauched and Wii U got it four months later.

  • Suraimu

    I would buy Donkey Kong and Popeye if they put them up for sure.

  • ECM

    And yet no DK!

    As for Popeye, almost no chance, since Nintendo would have to cough up to King Features Syndicate to re-license it.

    • Vinicius

      I’m pretty sure Popeye is public domain now, at least in the US. Of course there is also Sony holding the rights for a Popeye movie (and cannig it for the Emoji movie) that can makes things a little more complicated.

      • ECM


        POPEYE © 2017 King Features Syndicate, Inc. and TM Hearst Holdings, Inc.

        • Vinicius

          Aparently I got it wrong, he is public domain in Europe.
          Well, we learn something new everyday.

  • Tlink7

    Here we go again with the rereleasing the same old VC titles at a snail’s pace…

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