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Arcade game Mario Party Challenge World spotted at IAAPA 2017 trade show

Posted on November 15, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Mario Party Fushigi no Challenge World, an arcade game from Capcom, first popped up in Japan last year. That same game appears to be coming to North America as Mario Party Challenge World.

Mario Party Challenge World is featured at the IAAPA 2017 trade show this week. Raw Thrills is involved with the project, along with Nintendo and Capcom. An early prototype is at the event, with location tests also starting last week.

Here’s what we know:

– The tech part comes into play with projection mapping onto the surface with multiple “pockets” that are constantly in motion
– The projection is sharp, colorful and bright
– The center of the playfield will also raise up and shake if a player manages to unlock the Board Game where a multiball event happens to “battle” Bowser
– Supports up to six players
– The main thing you do now is guess which character the ball will land on then watch and wait
– Raw Thrills says that with Capcom in charge of development, they are looking to make the game “simplified” from what it is right now but also more skill-based
– How that will change has not been detailed yet

We also have a video showing Mario Party Challenge World:

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  • ShonenJump

    The video link only shows the embed code

    • TruExtent

      Here’s the link hiding in the code if you’re still interested.

      • ShonenJump

        Yeah i know. I already seen it, but thanks anyway 🙂

  • Tetroy64

    I want to see the video but it does not work 🙁

    • TruExtent

      The link was in that code up there. If you haven’t seen it, give it a look if you still care.

  • Dylan W

    I hope this comes to Switch kinda like how Pokkén Tournament eventually came to Wii U and Switch after being a Japan arcade exclusive. Also, who goes to an arcade anymore?

    • ShonenJump

      Dunno about America. But Japan arcade audience is really huge. Great example would be Mario kart gp and dragonball heroes

  • Snackster1001

    looks…okay. It’s just a ball watcher game but with a mario theme and “simplified” according to the video. Maybe I’ll give it a go when it eventually hits Dave and Busters (as most Nintendo arcade games do).