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Battle Chasers: Nightwar officially delayed on Switch

Posted on September 24, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

All signs pointed to Battle Chasers: Nightwar being pushed back on Switch, but we were holding out a tiny bit of hope that it would make the initial launch next month. Unfortunately though, a delay is in fact happening.

Airship Syndicate provided an update on the situation as part of a Kickstarter post. Currently the holdup amounts to some updates from Unity, the engine Battle Chasers was built with. A release date is unknown, but apparently the delay isn’t expected to be significant.

Here’s the full status update from Airship Syndicate:

As of now, the Switch version is delayed and we’re not quite sure till when. We’re waiting on some updates to Unity that we’ll need before we can comfortably promise a release date for the game. We know this is a hotly anticipated version of Nightwar, so we don’t take such delays lightly, but our #1 priority is making sure the version we release performs up to expected standards.

Once we have a reliable date we can promise, you’ll be the first to know. We don’t expect this delay to be significant, but it’s a bit of an unknown.

It’s still possible to change your selected platform on if you’d prefer not to wait. We appreciate everyone’s patience (we’re excited for it, too).

Thanks to Taylor B for the tip.


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  • DrWilly

    What a joke. From “timed exclusive” to delayed non-exclusive. Didn’t they get more coverage than other indies in the January presentation? Some other actually exclusive game deserved the spot rather than this one. Probably won’t even buy it anymore..

    • Necr0naut

      Jesus dude, calm down. Snags happen during development. With an attitude like that all you are gonna achieve is keep third-party developers at arm’s length, which doesn’t do us any good.

    • Zethell

      Completely agree.

  • Reggie

    A shame. The game looks actually nice and I was thinking of getting it. But with so many games coming out this holiday season, I’m kinda a bit glad for the delay, as unfortunate as it really is.

  • Jacob Groves

    Game is cancelled confirmed by end of year. So yeah I not support this game anyway even though I don’t buy this game for my PS4 too. I hope this game sells poorly and not look back for this game ever again. Lol

    Cannot wait for all Bethesda games for Switch, Rockstar Games bringing LA Noire for Switch and Rocket League all this this holiday. Awesome. 😀


    How many times has this game been delayed now and why suddenly the no “Timed Exclusive” thing anymore? F*** it, I ain’t buying this anymore… Xenoblade 2, Doom, Sonic Forces and Odyssey will keep me occupied.

  • Bart

    Hmm well that’s good in a way I guess, my local game store has this down for 28/11, which is obviously way too close to Xeno 2 for comfort… So yeah I can wait, still looking forward to it too, I love Joe Mad’s art, game looks great.

  • ben

    They are using unity? Oh dear. Well, this will run like crap on everything that isn’t a pc.

    • Eduardo Soares

      it wont! Super Bomberman R runs great at [email protected] on switch and it is powered by Unity Engine.


        Lol Bomberman is not 1080p 60 they lowered the resolution to acheive 60fps.. unity is a terrible engine look at i am setsuna a game that can run on my fridges touchscreen and it’s 30 fps on switch…. So yes keep your expectations as bay.

  • Roto Prime

    rip, the wait is going to kill me……..but it will be a better game for it!

  • cloud36426

    I was thinking about picking this up and giving THQ Nordic a chance. I’m glad this happened. Gave me time to realize what a mistake that would have been. I bought Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition digitally on PS4 last year for my son. He got to a point in the game where it constantly crashed and he wasn’t able to get past that part at all. He even restarted his game twice hoping it was a glitch in the save file, but nope at the exact same spot every time. Looked online and we were not the only one seeing the problem. I emailed numerous times about it. I tweeted them about it. Never once did they reply to me or anyone online that had issues. It has yet to be fixed or even acknowledged by them. So no I will not support them anymore.

  • Felipe M.

    Fine. Whether on Christmas or later it’ll work for me.

  • Lorena Yepez

    I had this pre ordered in Amazon, cancelling it and not buying in it on any other console…hope it flops.

  • Satoshi Ronin

    it’s a little sad that so many of you are speaking and acting in such a childish spoiled matter. the game is being released on PS4 and Xbox on time and the delay for the switch release is small. For one id rather they take a little more time to perfect a game like this then just rush it out to fill the cravings of the “new shiny”. I for one have no problem waiting for my switch copy and look forward to playing it. It’s nice to see turn based combat getting beautiful attention again. Maybe one day we’ll see some Final fantasy tactics style games. GJ THQ. forget these cry babies who can wait wat they claim to support.

    • Necr0naut

      I’m flabbergasted at the amount of vitriol a simple delay is causing. How many times did Breath of the Wild get delayed again? Who cares, that’s the answer, because when it came out it was amazing.

      Miyamoto said it himself, a delayed game is eventually good a bad game is bad forever. Take your time, make it right. I would rather they delay it and make a good port than release it day and date as an inferior version to the other consoles.

      • Anthony

        For Switch owners Breath of the Wild wasn’t delayed at all.

        • Necr0naut

          And my answer is still: Who cares.

          Years from now, no one will remember Breath of the Wild for how well or badly it stuck to its release schedule. People will remember it for its gameplay merits, and it’s gonna be the same for Battle Chasers and every other game out there.

      • Reggie

        I generally agree with you, and I do think that people are being a little too rough on this when only the Switch version is being delayed, but I really don’t think the quote “A delayed game is eventually good” can apply to everything. Mighty No. 9 got delayed dozens of times and the end result was a terrible and buggy game all the same. No two games have the same situation, and that goes both ways. I wish more people would realize that.

      • gamerprince1999

        That’s just how some fanboys are :/ *sigh*… Funny part about is that when a Nintendo game is delayed, the fanboys bring up Miyamoto’s quote and are OK with it. But none of them are bringing it up for Battle Chasers when it got delayed for Switch and are instead complaining about it. This is why I hate fanboys.

  • Sarah White

    I dont mind the delay myself. I do worry bout the poor press it creates however.
    What a great way to damage a rival console’s potential.
    Get developers to promise a release of their game then never deliver… in return subsidise release costs on your platform for them…

  • gamerprince1999

    Nintendo: *delays a game*
    Fanboys: It’s OK. “a delayed game is eventually good a bad game is bad forever” like Miyamoto said 🙂
    3rd party company: *delays a game for a Nintendo platform*
    Fanboys: You guys are trash! I’m not supporting this game anymore and I hope it fails really badly!!!!
    And then you wonder why 3rd parties don’t even bother supporting Nintendo consoles anymore lol.

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