BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle reveals Persona 4's Chie, BlazBlue's Noel Vermilion, Under Night In-Birth's Waldstein - Nintendo Everything

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BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle reveals Persona 4’s Chie, BlazBlue’s Noel Vermilion, Under Night In-Birth’s Waldstein

Posted on October 20, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

New characters were just announced for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle during an Arc System Works’ live stream. Three new additions were revealed.

First up, from Persona 4, Chie will be included in Cross Tag Battle. Noel Vermilion from BlazBlue and Waldstein from Under Night In-Birth will also be in the fighter.

Watch a trailer for today’s new characters below.

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  • Princess_Eevee9

    Gimme Naoto then we talks.

  • Aline Piroutek

    Yey, Noel Vermillion =)

  • Giga Man

    Here’s a better quality trailer.

  • Exy

    It sure is nutty seeing promotions for all these games that Nintendo platforms will never ever see in their original forms.

    • Velen (Not WoW)

      Even though it’s already been announced that the Switch is getting this game? :

      • Exy

        Exactly. I’m certainly not counting on a port of Persona 4 Golden for Switch.

        • theFooFighter

          We got persona q. That has to count for something

        • Aline Piroutek

          Well, quite sad. But I at least I have a Vita.
          Still no Persona 5 Crimson though.

    • R.Z.

      Feels kinda like Cloud in Smash.

  • Snackster1001