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Boiling Bolt dev says Switch version isn’t happening

Posted on August 14, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch eShop

Boiling Bolt was thought to be coming to Switch after it was discovered that Playdius included the system’s logo on an official page. However, the developer has stated outright that there are no plans currently to put the game on Nintendo’s console.

For what it’s worth, Switch is now gone from Playdius’ page for Boiling Bolt. The mixup likely came about due to an unfortunate error. 


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    Ooooh nuuu a low budget indie is not coming to the Switch guys, whatever shall we do???

    • hi-chan!

      Well the thing is this looks higher budget than at least 90% of the indies on Switch so far



        It sucks for those that wanted the game on the Switch but I was never really interested in the title anyways.

  • Fernando Silva

    Worst news… I was looking forward this game =P

  • Fernando Silva

    Worst news… I was looking forward this game =P

  • Well this game will be an instant fail lol. You will see when it comes out.

  • Hidden Flare

    All I can say about them not putting the game on the switch is “alright, your funeral.”

  • Gregory Weagle

    While it does suck that the game isn’t coming to Switch; I put the blame on Playdius for not making sure that the game was coming to Switch by contacting the developer.

  • Tlink7

    oh no

  • metalpants

    Does anybody even care about shooters anymore? Wasn’t that big in like… the 70s?

  • DeltaPeng

    That’s too bad, this game looked like an interested take on bullet hell shooters (with dynamic angles)