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Bplus looking to bring PuzzleBox Setup “successor” to NX, teases more for Bit Boy!!

Posted on January 25, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

PuzzleBox Setup came to 3DS a little over a year ago. Bplus is now working on a “successor” of that title for Steam, which the developer is looking to have on NX as well.

Creator Bernd Geiblinger told one fan on Facebook the following when asked if an update to the 3DS version is planned to bring it in line with the Steam version:

“Not possible, this game is made for NX but modified to be released on Steam earlier, because sadly I’m not able to wait til NX and need to release this game soon.”

Geiblinger added that the Steam version will continue to grow with updates, and it will be possible to create levels that can be shared with NX players. Also, Bplus intends for the NX version to make use of eight colors as opposed to Steam’s limit of four thanks to the controls, “which opens possibilities to completely different pictures and modes for NX version.”

Here’s a look at the new version of PuzzleBox Setup:

Finally, regarding Bplus’ other 3DS game/franchise Bit Boy!!, Geiblinger teased the following for NX:

“You will definitely see Kubi traveling back to the old Bit-Eras on NX. Stay tuned. Cannot talk about something specific before Nintendo announces the new platform.”

It’s unclear how much Bplus actually knows about NX. It’s also unknown whether or not the indie developer currently has access to a development kit for the system.

Thanks to Arison for the tip.

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  • SM

    So now we have a indie game confirmed and dragon quest

    • Don’t forget that Ready At Dawn and Spike Chunsoft have also hinted at NX suppost as well. I think it will be a matter of time before Ubisoft, Activision, and EA come around

      • Yolkghost

        Not entirely sure if we need them- what do they make that’s highly warranted?

        • No I don’t agree. Nintendo needs as much 3rd party support as they can muster for the NX since it’s becoming really hard for them to get their 1st party content out on a timely manner. They can’t afford to repeat what they did with the Wii U

          • Yolkghost

            But I don’t think most people want what they’ll bring to the table at first. That’ll then cause them to go “no one wants our games! No point in giving Nintendo games this gen too!”

        • natsu dragneel

          if you wanna another wii u failure.. third party are important because in the meantime nintendo makes its own games we don’t have empty months, hope we don’t have empty month with nx like wii u had and still have

          • Yolkghost

            I never said NO 3rd party. I just personally feel these aren’t the companies I really want 3rd party support from, i’d prefer like atlus, square enix, etc. etc.

      • Indielink

        Isn’t Ready At Dawn a Sony first party studio?

    • Shortiloe

      Don’t forget Final Fantasy XIV.

  • Kyle K. Moore

    Huh. Now how would the controls for the NX allow you to use 8 colors in a way that you couldn’t on Steam/PC? Interesting…

    • donut

      probably with a dpad + abxy

      • Kyle K. Moore

        I mean a keyboard definitely has a dpad…if that’s what they meant then I guess it’s just PR speak.

        Maybe the controller’s gyro-sensitive though? That would free the dpad up in a new way, to drop colors down while still allowing you to move the screen.

    • Jack Red

      Could be like the one patent where you could be able to design the controller to fit to your liking.

      • Yolkghost

        It did seem the controller had the option to add / replace buttons though, so this could be what he means. This excites me though, unless this guy is just bluffing and he doesn’t even know anything about the NX.

        • Jack Red

          He could’ve gotten a dev kit though like the third parties most likely have. Cause correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the PS4 have some launch title indies when it was first released in 2013?

          • Yolkghost

            I’m thinking it did have quite a bit of indies. So I guess it’s not impossible for him to have one. i just feel like he’s on the lower end of indies and you’d expect a somewhat bigger indie team to say something like this.

          • Jack Red

            He could’ve approached Nintendo himself and requested for a dev kit for the NX to create the best version of the game. Cause I’m pretty sure that Nintendo has already sent out Dev Kits to the third Parties and to their own teams to begin working on games for the NX.

  • Yolkghost

    At first I thought “nah Nintendo wouldn’t let an indie have a kit” but then I realized indies are their safest bet for backing this generation. The whole steam can share levels with NX makes me wonder how that’ll be achieved though… Makes me wonder how many people have NX games in the works but can’t talk about it… Geez I just want my NX news already!

  • Bcardia

    Okay, this is surprisingly interesting, specially for an article about some random indie puzzle game.

  • ben

    Dev kits were released in September. We already know that. I am sure a lot of people have dev kits right now.

  • Aline Piroutek

    There are a lot of comments here because…there is “NX” on the title of the article?

    • Did you read the article? It just offered a bit more of speculation about the NX