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Capcom explains why Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter IV did not release for Wii

Posted on April 2, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

A few days ago, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime posed questions about why Resident Evil 5 and other Capcom titles were not releasing for the Wii. Chris Kramer, communications director for Capcom, has answered Reggie’s questions and explained that both RE5 and Street Fighter IV were developed “for high-definition graphics systems.”

“Both ‘Resident Evil 5‘ and ‘Street Fighter IV‘ were designed for high-definition graphics systems using Capcom’s current in-house engine called MT Framework. To get ‘RE5? or ‘Street Fighter IV’ out on the Wii, we would have to create all-new versions of both of these games, which is something we’re not opposed to doing. So the intention of both ‘RE5? and ‘Street Fighter IV’ was to go for graphical showcases, which is not what the center of the bullseye Wii is aiming for. However, we do have a lot of ‘Resident Evil’ action happening on the Wii and hopefully we will have more in the future.”

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  • **Slash**

    yea sure Street Fighter IV is a graphical master piece which needs a graphical power house cough and i thought april 1st was yesterday 😛

  • Captain N

    Both could easily be downgraded graphically, lets be realistic, these games may lok good but they aren’t leaps and bounds better than RE4 or Tatsunoko vs Capcom, just get rid of the High Definition its not a big deal.

  • random

    It’s not only about the graphics, but the physics as well. The Wii doesn’t have a powerful processor at all and no, it’s not just a matter of clicking a few options on the program they used to create the games to bring down the graphics…it’s much more than that. If an engine isn’t meant for the Wii then they’d have to use a new engine.

  • dareen

    the wii is trash..
    its not a real gaming console
    its for house wives

  • Try again fanboys

    its not just the gfx, its processing power too, which wii doesnt have. CHop till you drop anyone? Wii is a garbage casual console, stick with rail shooters, play it safe.

  • Honestly SF4 and RE5 didn’t do anything on the 360/PS3 that couldn’t have been done last gen.

    Street Fighter 4 doesn’t even play as well as Street Fighter 3, it’s basically Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo with 2 super bars and in 3D.

    and Resident Evil 5 more or less plays like Resident Evil 4 just in a new setting and a few new additions that don’t justify the 360 or PS3.

    They might as well have started on the Wii and worked up from there pasting on the HD graphics for the other consoles later.

    From his talking though, it sounds like they’re planning on remaking the games for the Wii (I know Ono has talked about porting Street Fighter 4 to the Wii before).

  • eugene

    The problem with the wii is that the user base don’t care about the graphics. This leads to developers not caring to do so on the wii either. Why put the extra effort if it sells the same as bad graphics? Wii owners only care about a neat box cover so that’s all the developers care about also. When carnival games and mario at the olympics out sells call of duty WAW wii 6:1, that’s all that developers want to focus on.

  • wiisuxballs

    no one wants to see a watered-down sf4 or re5. buy a real console if you want to play these masterpieces. wii has no games.

  • yomomma

    This is too be expected considering the Wii is more of kids toy than an actual video game system.

  • The Wii can’t do high end graphical games, it does not have the horsepower. Accept this you Wii Clones! There is no reason to dummy down games so that they work on the Wii. The Wii is good in it’s own area. If you want great looking games than buy a 360 or a PS3 and stop crying…

  • coffea


    its either you are kidding or you should STFU. SFIV plays completely different from SSF2T. You must have suck too much in SFIV thats why you are making such claims. Also SFIV is being tune towards the feel of original SF2 reason being SF3 is known to be a failure in SF series. One of the worst SF of all time. Most hardcore SF fans are disappointed with SF3 and Capcom knows that and this is why they have bring back what SF is all about. You just dont make sense.

  • BOB

    Hey mister douchebag, ever realized that many have a PS3 or 360 already?
    But just don’t see why they can’t do it as it didnt’ bring much to the table.

    Their reasons are pretty much “gfx”, nothing else.

  • BOB

    Even then, you can’t say it couldn’t been done on the Wii.

  • hehe

    I’m not surprised they didn’t make it on the Wii since Capcom didn’t want make the game look like sh*t

  • Haters only make the Wii seem greater.

    True gamers play games for games not the eye candy.

    The real Capcom exists on the Wii, not the watered down gameplay and half ass excuses this Crapcom tries to shovel down the throats of hapless non gaming ass puppets of the HD console loyalists.

    I am neither hardcore nor casual.I am a gamer and I own a Wii.

  • Mr. G, England

    Guys, the Wii is a last gen console so it doesn’t even tough the 360 and PS3. The Wii is basically an upgraded GameCube, it’s not even as powerful as the original Xbox. RE5 and SF4 are not coming to the Wii, it’s not a big deal. Be grateful that you can play these games on a 360 or PS3. Most gamers have more than one console anyway. And if these games did come out on the Wii, you’d be best off getting them on the 360 or PS3 are they’d be more superior. It make me laugh how some people make a big issue over this sort of thing…

  • Chad Warden

    man, the wii haz no gamez man. capcom don’t want to waste their time wit crappy wii ports. keep dreaming about being able to play resident evil 5 or street fighter iv, u tools. hobos who can’t afford a ps triple shouldn’t be able to play these great gamez, peace.

  • wtf lol

    um wii has games u idiots sure the grafics aint so high but who cares wtf street fighter 5 sucks wtf it plays like the first ones the animatiosn the same and if u ask me the grafics are ugly and nasty horid looking game u call that worth 60 freken bucks? here wut i we have all 3 systems in our house me in gen perfer wii my other bros are ether ps3 or nutral 360 on the other hand whats the point in the system 1 or 2 exscusive games gears and halo dead rising 99% chance to be on ps3 same wit all other games ps3 alos lacks exsclusives is sad rilly i find that theres just to meny damn shooters out there i mean wtf games suck now days

  • wtf lol

    not as strong as reg xbox wtf r u on wow beyonnd byiis dude just look at the games plz stop talking xbox i don even no wut was it best looking game? oh yea it had no games to play um halo may as well get it on the pc same game oh and only good game on origanal xbox was panzer dragoon

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  • FierceMusashi

    [“The Wii has no games.”]

    That is the most retarded and ignorant thing anyone can say about the Wii. Either that or you’ve lived under a rock for so long that you fail to notice them. Check out those sites that review games. Like IGN, that is full of great Wii games from the VC and WiiWare to Wii titles.

    [“The Wii is last gen”]

    No it’s not. Just because the Wii is weaker than the 360 and PS3, does not make it last gen. The Reason why Wii games are not looking like they should is because developers are too lazy to get the good graphics on their Wii games. There is an article that explains that the wii’s graphics can look near that of the 360’s when pushed.

    Thing is, it has to be done in a different way that they are not used to, since the Wii’s hardware is different. Nevertheless, it can be done.

    The Wii is way stronger than the strongest console of last gen. The Xbox. That is one of the many reason why it’s not last gen. Stop thinking it has to be up to par with the PS3.


    It’s a shame gamers forgot what makes a game great. HD grephics never was a main eliment that made video games great, and they never will. Unless the level if ignorance I see is way higher than I thought.

    Also, what you fanboys fail to see is that the Wii can do great graphics that are not in HD. it’s all on the developers. They are the ones making the choice to make the graphics on their games look great or not. Look at The Conduit, Metroid Prime 3 & MArio Galaxy. Those games have great graphics yet they are not HD.

    A game does not game have to look as real as what’s in front of your very eyes when you go outside or whatever. Video games are 85-95% about the game play. That’s why “gamers” buy video games, is it not?

    To end this, I would like to say: If the Nintendo Wii and the games on it do not meet up to your standards then so be it. No need act like an ignorant fanboy and start bashing it. The same goes for the other two next gen consoles.

    All three are great in their own way. So shut the hell up and play your games.

  • I think you messed up the code on your link to MTV Multiplayer, it’s only affecting the first letter of “explained.”

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