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Capcom reveals new mini-games for Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 on Switch

Posted on October 18, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Capcom has unveiled a new aspect regarding the Switch versions of Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 on Switch. Both titles will have original mini-games built in.

In Resident Evil Revelations, players can take on Ghost Ship Panic. This is a shooter in which you aim for a high score and earn BP to use in Raid Mode. It’s accessible on the initial load screen.

For Resident Evil Revelations 2, Capcom is including Ghouls ‘n Homunculi. Here you’ll explore a deadly island as Barry Button, which is a tribute to Ghouls ‘n Ghosts. You can also go for the high score here and earn rewards for Raid Mode.

Continue on below for the official overviews and videos for the two mini-games.

Ghost Ship Panic

Blast your enemies in Ghost Ship Panic, an exclusive minigame for the Nintendo Switch version of Resident Evil Revelations! Go for the high score and earn BP to use in Raid Mode!

Ghouls ‘n Homunculi

Explore a deadly island as Barry Burton in this 8-bit throwback to Ghouls ‘n Ghosts in a hidden, exclusive Resident Evil Revelations 2 minigame for the Nintendo Switch! Go for the high score and earn rewards that can be used in Raid Mode.

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  • hi v3.0

    Wow Capcom is really putting some effort on this port, motion controls now this, shame that 2 is download only since some people will be turned off by it

    • Ardisan

      Is it gyro controls like in Splatoon?

  • Puffdaddy

    Capcom putting these in after seeing how their games are selling better on Switch than other platforms….

    • Simtopia23

      Especially MvCI lol

  • Ardisan

    That graveyard right there in the image is a perfect representation of all the dead Capcom franchises that will never come back, including the game its referencing :).

    Bad jokes aside, this is cool I guess but the Ghost Ship Panic game really doesn’t look fun as it looks like a Game Maker Studio beginners project…

  • Aline Piroutek


  • Pepperkeet

    Capcom is making it tough to not buy this game…

  • Zeebor

    Even now… there is hope for man…

  • theFooFighter

    Yeah Capcom can suck my d!ck. Still bitter over okami and how they sold out to Sony for monster hunter and Street fighter.

    • jimmy

      In their defense MH was being made while the switch was esrly in development, but yeah

      • theFooFighter

        So was Wolfenstein and dragon quest and rime and Sonic forces. They sold out for a Sony pay check, the information was leaked nearly a year ago but it still accurately predicted world and a lot of it’s changes/features and XX

    • nigeriangamer

      monste huner was not an exclusive, and what makes you think a MH game isnt coming to the switch?you need to claim down lol

      • theFooFighter

        Is it really that hard to believe that Capcom screwed over Nintendo fans with mh world for the sake of Sony when they did the exact same thing with Street fighter a few years ago.

        • jimmy

          So why isn’t there any Ace Attouney games on the PS4? They’re big sellers. Capcom literally paid for SF5 just like Nintendo paid for Bayonetta

          • Zeebor


        • Zeebor

          Xbox gets MonHun as well. There are still going to be games the Switch can’t run. Doom and Wolfenstein only happened because I’d are We at both compressing code, and making low settings look good.

          • MagcargoMan

            “because I’d are We at both”

  • Amethyst Gaze

    Of all the games.

  • jimmy

    Lol like that lil G&G remix song, lol

  • LordDisco

    Well. Pre-ordered just now. haha

  • Simtopia23

    They should have included Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts on the first one: the second one is digital only and it’s 25 gb.

  • MagcargoMan

    Was I the only one who smiled a little bit when I saw the Ghouls N Ghosts minigame at the top of the article?

  • Sharito7

    And now I’ll buy this. Edit: can’t believe Capcom is putting some love for Switch at last.