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Capcom has released details of the six month fiscal period ending September 30, 2016.

Monster Hunter Generations was able to move another 800,000 units, now totaling 4.1 million copies. Capcom said the game experienced “solid sales overseas”. Additionally, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice was able to sell “largely as planned” in the west.

Capcom’s operating income was down 1,715 million yen (dipped 39.7 percent from the previous year), ordinary income was 514 million yen (down 82.2 percent from the previous year). Net income was 405 million yen (down 79.2 percent from the previous year). You can check further details at the link below.


The female athlete Ronda Rousey is dressing up like Pikachu for a Sportscenter feature. The UFC fighter has made comments in the past that indicate that she is a fan of the Pokemon series. Check it out below!

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Game developer Level-5 and advertising / PR company Dentsu have teamed up and created Level-5 abby Inc., which is described as a “multi-media entertainment company”. The company’s name was formed by taking the “a” from “all” or “anything” and the “bby” from “hobby”.

The company’s purpose is to bring Level-5’s various franchises to a worldwide audience in a variety of forms, such as games, toys, animation, comics and more. The company states that its three “tentpole” franchises are Yo-Kai Watch, Little Battlers eXperience and Snack World. The company is headed up by CEO Akihiro Hino, who is the founder and president of Level-5, and COO Yukari Hayakawa.

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The Tokyo Game Show has just announced its games lineup for this year. Note, however, that this only includes already announced games – games that will be unveiled at TGS itself naturally aren’t on this list. Check out the list here (game titles are in English).

TGS will take place from September 17th till September 20th.

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It appears that the 4th time is the charm, with Denpa Men RPG Free! receiving nearly 2 million downloads in Japan despite being release for only less than a year. The game has yet to be released in the US, so we can expect the numbers to only increase upon it’s inevitable western release.


SEGA has no plans to bring SEGA 3D Reprints Archives to North America, as the company has stated on Twitter.

It appears us in North America won’t be able to get these classics in a physical form anytime soon. Keep in mind that you can still purchase some of these games on the eShop with digital downloads, and more are on the way in 2015.


The stream should start at 8 AM ET / 5 AM ET… or 10 minutes from now!

As we mentioned before FIFA 15 was in development for Wii and 3DS, and its official launch date has been announced.

The game is slated to launch in North America on September 23, and in Europe on September 26.

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Lorne Lannning and the folks over at Oddworld Inhabitants have generally been pretty positive on the Wii U since announcing the Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty and Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD would be coming to the console, and today they’ve spoken with VentureBeat about Nintendo’s struggling system further, saying that despite a small install base it’s still well worth supporting:

“We’re self-publishing. With Sony that’s a breeze. With Steam it’s a breeze. With Microsoft it’s not a breeze. With Nintendo, something’s going to happen there shortly,” said Lanning. “Even on the Wii U, though, how many people did buy it? It’s kind of how we looked at Vita in the Christmas of 2012.

“We did Stranger HD on Vita, and the publishers were kind of snubbing Vita at the time, because there wasn’t enough installed base to move their dial. We said, yeah, but that small base is pretty passionate. They invested and they want good experiences that are designed to maximize that control scheme. Why don’t we spend a little more time and attention – because we’re small and we can – and a result we took number two in the US and number one in Europe that Christmas on Vita.

“So far we’ve had zero on Nintendo. We’ve had zero brand visibility on Nintendo since day one. We never built for Nintendo. Today, we’re looking at it and we say, ‘We’ll get over to Wii U.’ As a business model it might not completely make sense, but we want to get to work on Nintendo, get to self-publishing on Nintendo. Everything’s a new store. Everything’s more shelf space. We’re trying to get the brand across that as widely as possible.”

Venturebeat via IGN

A new study conducted in Singapore by Douglas A. Gentile, PhD; Dongdong Li, PhD; Angeline Khoo, PhD; Sara Prot, MA; and Craig A. Anderson, PhD; has found a fairly unmediated correlation between children playing video games and them having more aggressive tendencies 3-5 years down the line. Covering just over 3,000 children over a 3-year time period (73% male, 27% female), the study surveyed each child every year to try and gauge their game-playing habits and their susceptibility to aggression. The researches found that longitudinal latent growth curve modeling demonstrated a positive correlation between the consumption of violent games media and real-life aggressive tendencies, though they make particular note that this is primarily mediated by “aggressive cognitions”, rather than by the games themselves.

“Aggressive cognitions” appears to reference “normative beliefs about aggression, hostile attribution bias, aggressive fantasizing”, which effectively means that children’s thoughts on aggression and violence prior to playing games are the primary factor when determining the effect playing a violent game may have on them. Children who are more open to violence will see a stronger negative effect from playing video games, whereas kids who tend to be less open to or accepting of violence won’t see as strong an effect.

You can read the full study here if you like.

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