Factor 5 working on multiple Wii projects according to CEO

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4 years ago by (@NE_Brian)

It has been known for some time now that Factor 5 is developing a title for the Wii. Certainly many gamers are aware of the Kid Icarus revival rumors. As far as concrete revelations go though, CEO of Factor 5 GmbH Germany, Achim Moller, shared that the company was creating a new Wii game through his LinkedIn profile. Interestingly, someone discovered that Moller updated his profile slightly and it now states that Factor 5 has “multiple unannounced” Wii games and are listed for 2009. While I’m personally not too sure that these projects would be released this year, perhaps we could hear news sometime in the next few months? E3 would have been an optimal time to make an announcement, but we all know that there were no Factor 5 titles at the convention.

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