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GameCube menu music is actually Famicom disc system BIOS music when sped up

Posted on February 20, 2010 by (@NE_Brian) in GameCube, News | 0 Likes

Remember that Super Mario Sunshine nugget we posted yesterday? Well, here’s another hidden Nintendo secret for you.

Take a listen to the GameCube’s menu music:

Nothing seems to be too exciting about that, right? Well, let’s speed up the music by about twenty-five times…

Believe it or not, that music is actually the same song found on the Famicom disc system BIOS startup screen. Pretty neat, don’t you think?


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  • bob

    holy shit nintendo 😮

  • Majora

    Great. Thanks for the nuggets: very entertaining.

  • Nintendo this is insane…….

  • MIZ

    wow, this is so awsome!

    never crossed my mind, so cool, right under your nose the whole time 😀

  • Nintendo this is insane…

  • Mind = Blown

    I shat bricks, not gonna lie. This is hot.

  • Ed Trinko

    Wow, aint it the truth! Nintendo totally ROCKS dude and everyone knows it.


  • So how’d you figure that out?? Crazy cool!

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  • me

    no that cool at all sorry bro

  • timbo

    i remember my mate held down the z button on the ol cube and powered it up made that squishy kinda intro i was all like what did you do?! lol

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  • Nintendo is finally using subliminal messages to their minimum. lol.

  • ZL123

    woah!!! so cool!

  • good archive thanks

  • i love to play all day on my gamecube. –;

  • Gagagagagagagagagagagagagaga

    It is reasonable that
    1. GC is the first Nintendo system since FDS to have a BIOS startup
    2. GC is the first Nintendo system(excluding 64DD) since FDS to be a dis system.

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  • Well, this is a 6 second tune, roughly, and the GameCube menu BGM is slowed down so much, the 6 seconds is stretched out to just under 2 minutes. Each of the notes is about 5 – 10 seconds long (maybe more).

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