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The Nintendo UK store has opened pre-orders for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Additionally, you can reserve the new GameCube controller and related adapter. Everything can be found here.

Amazon has opened pre-orders for the GameCube controller Nintendo is releasing alongside Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. You can reserve it here. You can also reserve the GameCube controller adapter here.

During the E3 Nintendo Direct presentation today, it was announced that Smash Bros. Ultimate will support GameCube controllers. It makes sense then that Nintendo is preparing a new GameCube controller adapter.

GameSpot heard from a Nintendo representative that the accessory will be released alongside Smash Bros. Ultimate in December. Additionally, it will cost $20.

A new line of Smash-branded GameCube controllers are also planned for later this year.


PowerA is creating some new GameCube-styled controllers for Switch. Over on Reddit, user Mew_The_Creator says that he’s seen some new designs that have been delivered to the facility where he works. He adds that “Nintendo sent them to our facility to produce product layout for stores so the actual controllers aren’t in there, but the product is confirmed.”

PowerA is also producing some new controllers with Mario designs – see below.

No word yet on when these controllers will be launching, but stay tuned.

Thanks to Jake for the tip.


Bionicle: The Game hit the GameCube in 2003 as developed by Argonaut Games. However, that wasn’t the original plan.

Originally, Saffire Corporation was making its own Bionicle project for GameCube and PC. LEGO Bionicle: The Legend of Mata Nui was planned to take place after Quest for the Toa for the Game Boy Advance – another title developed by the same studio. Unfortunately, after new management was brought in at LEGO, everything was scrapped despite being close to completion.

The following video from DidYouKnowGaming? and Liam Robertson explains what happened to the game and shows off quite a bit of footage:

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door initially saw its debut 13 years ago. Even after such a lengthy period of time, the game held one random yet neat secret that apparently wasn’t discovered until today.

Did you know that Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door has a debug code? If you enter XBRBYL on the title screen, you’ll enter debug mode. It doesn’t do anything overly special, but when you hold Z on the main menu after inputting the code, it’ll show the date the game was built. Crash reports when the game crashes will be enabled as well.


About a month ago, Arc System Works held a special poll. Fans were able to vote on the game they’d like to see president Minoru Kidooka play at EVO 2018. The results are in, and we have a winner.

Five games in total were nominated, including two Smash Bros. titles. In the end, Super Smash Bros. Meleee beat out all choices with nearly half of all votes.

One of the more surprising announcements from this week’s Nintendo Direct was the reveal of a Luigi’s Mansion remake for 3DS. If you’re interested in seeing how it stacks up to the GameCube original, check out the video below.

During a live stream on Twitch today, the full lineup was announced for EVO 2018. Two Nintendo titles will be returning – we’re referring to Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, of course. The upcoming Switch game BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle will also be at the fighting tournament.

EVO 2018 will take place between August 3 and August 5. It will be hosted at Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Shinesparkers has published a new interview with former Retro Studios staffer Jack Mathews. Matthews worked at the company as a former technical lead engineer on the initial Metroid Prime Trilogy.

During the discussion, Matthews had quite a bit to say about revised plans and cut ideas for the series. These include the initial idea to have Metroid Prime 2 be multiplayer focused, a more bounty hunter-like setup for Metroid Prime 3, and more. He also touched on some of the projects that were cancelled at Retro before Metroid Prime released.

You can find some notable excerpts from the interview below. Head on over here. for the full talk.

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