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Gamer gets hands on Switch early, shows off OS

Posted on February 16, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Update: This looks to be real. Video of the OS is below.

NeoGAF member hiphoptherobot has apparently managed to secure a Switch unit nearly two weeks before release. He claims to have been “lucky” – meaning he’s not a member of the media.

hiphoptherobot shared some photos of his find, including a new image of the Switch UI. It definitely looks legitimate, but in this day and age, you can never be too sure. We’ll keep this post updated with any additional information or images that may come in.

Thanks to Matthew M for the tip.



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  • Jonny

    How is this a rumor?

  • Billy

    Lucky? Or it ‘fell off the truck’? LOL. Anyway, I KEEEL him!

  • Exy

    The new owner of that console should probably not leave their house for two weeks.

  • BrokenDpadGamer

    Looks pretty good!

  • Tlink7

    Why didn’t the guy just make a video or show the entire thing unboxed? You’re just asking for people to doubt your legitimacy by posting a tiny, blurred jpg…

    Fake <.<

    • ForeVision

      If it’s true, then he better start following anti-ninja lessons, or he’ll have a visit soon.

    • Kong Shim

      He made a video.

      • ForeVision

        Question is, how did he get it 2 weeks before release? I doubt through legitimate reasons, and if so, the one who sold him that will probably lose all ties with Nintendo henceforth (if they find out who it was)

        • Kong Shim

          Either stores or warehouses are getting the systems now. And, someone sold it to him early. I’m sure Nintendo can track it if they can somehow read the serial number from the video.

        • Bruno_Ostara

          He said the store shipped early and he wouldnt even talk about if he hadn’t got ig legitimately. I don’t think he’s lying. When Bayonetta 2 launched the store were I preorded sent me an email telling me to go get the product almost one week before release date. The email was a mistake from them but they gave me the game anyway because I went there and they did sent me the email (I was ready to go home without the game because it was just a mistake, but the guy said they had to give me the game now and who am’I to argue? xD). I had to play the game without telling anyone for the sake of the store. Of course, that was just a game, not a freaking switch, but i’m telling this just to say it happens

          • ForeVision

            My retailer used to ship 1 day in advance, but since Nintendo cracked the whip on those practices, they’re launch day only. Something tells me, considering said whip cracking, that the retailer that sold that Switch, has a reason to expect a call from Nintendo, should they figure things out.

        • his uncle works for nintendo

      • Tlink7

        Good! Forgive me for being extremely sceptical when people just post a fuzzy picture xD

  • Ripshocks

    The font on the X Y A B buttons definitely looks a bit off.

  • it’s out in like 2 weeks, just wait

  • Blanco8x8

    I think we’re now at the point where gaming journalists arereceiving units for reviewing purposes. It’s happening, guys.

    • amak11

      Most of us in the Nintendo News community of sites have to pre-order and buy Switch’s ourselves 🙁

  • Aurora K.

    What is this, a picture for ants?

    • Jahn A. Vazquez

      Needs to be at least three times bigger than this!

    • Exy

      Idea for a Switch game: A game with tiny characters. Like, really really small characters, as small as possible that can still be recognized as the player character. I’d call it A Game For Ants.

      • Cavalier

        You might be onto something…………….could be a game like Batallion Wars.
        Would play that honestly.

  • GoldenTriforce

    Seems fishy, some of those images on the UI don’t seem reused or unofficial but we will see soon, I could be wrong.

  • Kenshin0011

    Some aspects of how the box when open looks un-Nintendo to me.

    I don’t see how anyone could have gotten this in the mail yet. It hasn’t been shipped to any retail outlets, so surely, it’s not been mailed out to individuals yet.

  • Tlink7
    • Roto Prime

      You #$%&ing troll LOLOLOL, your killing me ahahahahahah!!!!

    • AJK

      I love you. Marry me 🙂

      • Tlink7

        Move here, it’s legal 😛

    • Exy

      You made it

      • Tlink7

        Just chillin’ with Link and Wolf Link, eating roasted boar next to a roaring fire… it’s great!

        • Bradley

          You know when I think more about it the multiplayer online link game with this kind of engine that Aonuma spoke of would be great, I get to do breath of the wild things with Tlink7 and friends

          • Tlink7

            Yeah, I thought that too… playing this game with 2-4 friends would probably be very fun!
            I hope we get another Four Swords-styled game, but more focussed on survival like BotW… and online 😀

          • Online Four Swords Adventure DLC for BotW

            Make it happen

        • Exy

          Careful out there in those storms, though.

          • ForeVision

            Now that, is a truly shocking experience.

    • ««H3©TöR»»

      Nice man. You joined the big leagues. Question is, do you have a physical copy?

      • Tlink7


    • ForeVision

      I told them they shouldn’t have given you that promotion… Next you know we’ll have TF2 on consoles, with some awkward cross-play that doesn’t have the big three bash in each other’s heads, and instead make a unified network….. But seriously, that’s quite the slick interface.

      • Tlink7

        Normally I wouldn’t want TF2 on consoles, because I think mouse + keyboard is the most efficient way to play shooters…. buuuutttt portable TF2 does sound kinda amazing ;-;

        It looks pretty good, but I’m glad that’s just the newsfeed

  • AJK

    That Toad icon for battery power though! 🙂

  • TDude73

    That lucky son of a–

  • Kenshin0011

    The video was JUST now posted and it’s already received over 10,000 views and counting!!! HYPE

  • KnightWonder

    Here’s a vid. It looks pretty great.

    • Exy

      I am a great big fan of how there’s a Japanese language option in the setup. Now we’ll get to use our high school Japanese language skills in a place that matters.

      • Bradley

        Oh my goodness maybe you are being honest and I’m sorry for laughing but that’s hilarious.

        • Exy

          If you play online for long enough, you’ll eventually run into players who get to use Japanese text but you don’t. Nintendo honestly expected people from opposite ends of the globe to communicate to each other this way. I didn’t spend 4 years learning a foreign language to not be able to use them in games by a Japanese company.

          • lord knows i did

          • Bradley

            You know what? I hope you enjoy your experience with the japanese text 🙂
            Side note I once went to a japanese restaurant with my good friend and could tell what some words meant, my pride turned to embarrassment when he asked how I understood and my only reply was years of anime.

          • Exy

            Just make sure you have a good foundation. Get a textbook, study the most basic grammar and practice the kana and as many kanji as you can handle. You’ll be much better off in life knowing any foreign language, so it may as well be one you’ll actually use to impress others.

  • ┬━┬ノ(▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿ノ)!!!!(┛◉Д◉)┛彡┻━┻!!!!(ノ;;)ノ~┻━┻

  • Everybody, get ready for the tech specs. ._.’

    • Kenshin0011

      Depends on if these few people are willing to dissect and play Operation on their Switch

      • Exy

        Please don’t remind me of how there haven’t been any new Trauma Center games since Trauma Team.

      • ForeVision

        I think this guy is “your average” though extraordinarily lucky consumer, which would probably cherish the machine as one of the first to have it, than get close to it with a screwdriver any-time soon.

        Nintendo, Sony did a PS4 teardown of the pro, now you show some (Switch) guts, dammit.

  • Bruno_Ostara

    I’m actually kinda sad for him. He’s got the system but can’t play cause he don’t have any games yet. I think I would die of anxiety if I had a Switch on hands and couldn’t play anything

    • Kenshin0011

      Not only that, but Nintendo ninjas will be paying him a visit one of these nights very soon…

    • KnightWonder

      I’m one of those. I pre-ordered mine, but won’t be getting Zelda until the 9th.

    • Tlink7

      He’s got a Switch. HE DESERVES NO PITY

    • Lucas Bandeira Gobo

      What did you expect? Nintendo Switch has no games

      • AJK

        LOL oh my God you are so funny. I wish I could be as funny as you. Why can’t I be like you?

        • Lucas Bandeira Gobo

          Thank you 😀

          • AJK

            You must be so popular. You look like the kind of guy who must have so many friends. No sir, you are most definitely not a sad and pathetic troll.

          • Lucas Bandeira Gobo

            Yup, you’re right ;D
            My friends and I are very serious about gaming :3

          • AJK

            Bless your little heart.

          • Exy

            You know, even the 3DS came with Faceraiders and the AR Games.

          • AJK

            Be honest. Did you ever play those games though beyond just trying them out when you first played on the system? I’m betting that, like everyone else, you didn’t.

          • Exy

            I did for the first hour or so because they were there. But they are games included with the system nonetheless.

    • Exy

      On the other hand, his video got a quarter of a million views in less than 30 minutes. That’s mildly impressive.

  • TheJuiciest

    Keep forgetting how close we are.

  • nemo37

    The UX looks great. Everything seems way more responsive than they ever did on the Wii U. I do have three concerns though. 1) I really think it should have had a web browser for things like looking up game guides and going on youtube without needing another device. 2) This one I am not sure of yet, but does a lack of a web browser mean that it cannot log into public WiFi hotspots that need you to login through a web page (I recall dev leaks indicating that there will be a web applet that devs can use for their games to access web pages, so hopefully Nintendo implements it in the WiFi settings; this is huge for me since I need to use a browser to login to my University’s network). 3) They really should have universal chatting built into the system without having devs impliment on a case by case basis into their games and also without relying on an app.

    I hope we get a Nintendo Direct soon outlining things like VC service. We are just over two weeks away from launch and there is still a lot of questions lingering, especially with regards to online services and the eShop.

  • Junebug

    it fake like Etika switch 3d printed

  • Velen (Not WoW)

    There were exactly 64 comments when I clicked on the article. Nintendo’s ole number bruh.

  • キロ

    Awesome! Not sure what they will do for two weeks with the system… but okay!

    • Exy

      I’d mail it to Ben Heck and ask him to do something cool with it.

  • ««H3©TöR»»

    I am loving that UI. It is clean, simple, and straight to the point.

    • KnightWonder

      Only the finest of OS.

  • Jtplaz3

    Its sad that I spoiled myself, but I must say that this UI looks AMAZING! Nintendo has stepped up their game!

  • Melatelo

    Love the look of th UI! Also really digging all the weird little sounds the system makes when you click into something. Very nice indeed. Honestly though I’d rather not have a Switch at this time since this guy won’t even be able to play any games! That would drive me insane.

  • hi v3.0

    This looks so clean, neat and fast

  • Operative

    The thing looks smaller than I thought. Which makes its power even more impressive, but not as impressive for my giant hands. Thankfully I’ll be using it in dock 99% of the time

    • ForeVision

      The same here, but as for power, we don’t even know what kind of we’re talking about yet… It’s too bad this didn’t end up in the hands of someone planning to do a teardown, as I’d love to watch one of the Switch.

      • Operative

        Well, we know it’s more powerful than the Wii U, which by itself is still very impressive considering the size. Makes me realize how far tech has come

        • ForeVision

          True, but what is truly inside? And, there’s a worry that lingers on the inside: How much power does it truly have for being that small, and how much power could it have had if the dock had proper tech to help with that, or if it was not as much a handheld as it is?

          • Operative

            Yeah, I understand what you mean. I don’t think it’s anything truly that powerful in comparison to the other twins. Most likely it acts as a portable Wii U 1.5. But we’ll get exact information shortly, I’m sure.

  • ben

    Choosing language and region is amazing. Thank god. I don’t mind using Japanese for everything but it is nice when I don’t need to think when I am reading OS stuff.

  • awng781

    The UI appears quite slick and fast.

  • Wanderlei

    Neogaf’s owner Tyler Malkaha has his little army of marketers/publicist pay bounties to get people to ‘leak’ on his site in desperate attempt to stay relevant in social media world. Expect every negative angle they dream up from leak to be main focus on every gaming site they can influence. The more Switch hit pieces they can get running, pre-launch the better, Sony is the reason Tyler Malkaha is a multi-millionaire despite running a forum with no traditional forms of income.

    • Jake Well

      …So the owner named Tyler is a multi-millionaire trying to stay relevant
      by leaking stuff, just to get many news sites to talk about him?

      Excuse me but…what is your point?
      That he’s trying to get the pre-launch of the switch to be better or somehow earn more money so the site continues to be buzzing?

      That the big bad neogaf owner is making riches by leaking stuff, gaining popularity through negative media attention?

      If so then…okay, whatever.

      If anything it’s better to get people interested in
      the switch if it looks good then bad. I mean, this is
      a Nintendo Site and the video in question isn’t all too bad.

      It’s just an early look at the Switch by an user who’s very lucky…
      getting the switch 2 weeks early.

      Honestly I don’t care, neogaf is a forum with a huge community of people which makes the site alive and kicking.

      I feel you have some deep beef with neogaf
      if you made this comment but…

      (That or the site in general attracts not many great people but you know what, that’s the internet and the internet…has all sorts of different people.)

      In the end, the site will continue to live and exist as long
      as a community of people continue to use it and will stay relevant
      thanks to those people, leakers and whatnot.

      With this video, I’m somehow a bit more excited with the switch then before after seeing the UI and OS, customizable themes which I feel will be expanded and more.


      Who cares? I mean even if knowing that’s true, why does it matter?
      Some random forum member of neogaf leaked a vid of the switch, nothing more or less.

      • Wanderlei

        NeoGAF is an agenda ridden Sony marketing web site run by a man named Tyler Malka.

        According to, Tyler Malka is “self employed” because of his earning from NeoGAF. But with no traditional means of monetization one has to wonder what is the true source of his revenue?

        And Malka, needless to say, is now self-employed

        The true purpose of NeoGAF is to manipulate the market VIA word of mouth and using an army of sock puppets. They commonly use techniques like “down talking” and “running themes.”

        And when that doesn’t work they simply resort to cyber bullying children.

        • Jake Well

          Wait a second…hey…
          The way you made that reply, how it’s formatted and now that I think about it, your profile pic…

          I just realized something that I should of realized before.
          …Wow, I can’t believe I fell for it.

          You’re a copy-pasta.

          I just looked up your exact phase after checking that *dead* 1up link, that and I found a source or copy-pasta source of a post from 2012!

          >realizes I wasted my time making that comment
          above when I had a feeling this wasn’t what it seemed.

          Welp, you got me good with that copy-bait haha.
          I certainly should of seen it coming from a mile away but I felled for it.

          • Wanderlei

            A repeat truth is still the truth. Stay mad ‘gaffer’ shill.