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Switch demos

Thousands of games are currently available on Switch, and there are a ton of demos out there for many of them. Not just Nintendo, but also third-parties are offering demos. We’ve now put together a comprehensive list of what’s out there.

Since our reader base is English-speaking, that’s what we’re focusing on here. In other words, we’re highlighting Switch demos that you can find in North America and Europe. Japan has a few extra demos on its end, but a majority of them are for titles that are not currently being sold in the west and are only playable in Japanese.

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Monster Hunter Stories interview

In a recent interview, Capcom spoke about the decision to bring back the original Monster Hunter Stories. The game just came to new platforms last week, including Switch.

Famitsu caught up with producer Yoshihiro Akira to talk about the updated version. When asked about why Monster Hunter Stories was brought back following its original 3DS launch, he shared the following:

The June 2024 Nintendo Direct aired this week, and it was a pretty big presentation. Considering where we’re at in the Switch’s lifecycle, there were quite a number of big announcements.

From Nintendo itself, it opened the show by announcing Mario & Luigi: Brotherhood – a surprise in its own given how many fans thought the series was dead, especially after main developer AlphaDream closed its doors. The news didn’t stop there though, as Super Mario Party Jamboree and Donkey Kong Country Returns HD were revealed as well. One of the biggest announcements of the show, The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom, will see Zelda herself take the starring role in a new 2D entry. Finally, we’ve all been waiting forever for Metroid Prime 4, and we got our first glimpse of it this week and a 2025 release window.

There’s a lot of other things we could bring up, including third-party content. Highlights include Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake (and the first two entries getting the same treatment), Marvel vs. Capcom Fighting Collection: Arcade Classics, Fantasian Neo Dimension, and Ace Attorney Investigations Collection. You can catch up on all of the news here.

What did you think of the June 2024 Nintendo Direct? Which games are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments.

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Moonstone Island review

System: Switch
Release date: June 19, 2024
Developer: Studio Supersoft
Publisher: Raw Fury

It’s always refreshing when developers make an effort to shake up a genre by injecting something new into it. It often yields unexpected surprises, or at the very least a different experience, which is equally as valuable in an overcrowded genre. Moonstone Island is another game that has taken the bold and ambitious move of throwing half a dozen different gameplay mechanics from assorted genres into a blender to see what comes out. The result is nowhere near as messy as that implies, but more care could have been taken with what was included nonetheless.

Mario Luigi original developers

Nintendo won’t say who’s developing Mario & Luigi: Brothership, but the company has offered up a sliver of information.

As relayed by Game File, the Big N says that “some of the original developers who worked on the franchise are involved in the development”. Nintendo noted that further information will be included in the credits at release.

LEGO Horizon Adventures Switch

One of the more surprising announcements out of the Summer Game Fest showcase was the reveal of the new Switch game LEGO Horizon Adventures. Although it was leaked previously, no one expected it to appear on Nintendo’s console. Yet PlayStation’s big franchise is now crossing over with LEGO, and it will indeed be available on Switch before the year is over.

Guerrilla Games narrative director James Windeler was recently asked to weigh in on the announcement. Ultimately, it sounds like the decision to support Switch was to reach more potential players, including families and younger gamers. Windeler also said the team “received very helpful support from Nintendo.”

PowerWash Simulator Alice's Adventure

June 7: PowerWash Simulator is still cranking out new content, and the latest reveal is that the game is getting Alice’s Adventure DLC.

With the new Special Pack, players will encounter Cheshire Cat and go on a quest to clean up the psychedelic land of wonder. Here’s some additional information: 

Splatoon 3 July 2024 Splatfest

Nintendo is gearing up for the latest Splatfest in Splatoon 3, which will be held just in time for the summer.

For the latest theme, players are asked if they’d prefer a palace, a theme park, or a beach. The question here is which of the three you’d like to reserve for a day.

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Bubsy In: The Purrfect Collection

Today, Atari and Limited Run Games unveiled Bubsy In: The Purrfect Collection. Switch will be getting it in 2025.

Atari says that the package includes games (updated in the Carbon Engine), artifacts, and interviews. Also, the team has apparently gone out of its way “to smooth out some of the games’ rough edges.”

Learn more about it in the following overview:

Tomba 2

Tomba 2 is on the way to Switch, Limited Run Games has announced. A release window was not provided.

This follows the original title which is set to appear on Switch this August (read more about that here). As for the sequel, Tomba 2: The Evil Swine Return debuted in 1999 in Japan and 2000 in the west for the original PlayStation.

Here’s a brief overview:

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