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Gray Shy Guy, cut from Super Mario Bros. 2, put back into the game

Posted on August 10, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Before Nintendo shipped Super Mario Bros. 2, the game was originally going to include a gray Shy Guy. Its description in the manual notes that the enemy “moves slowly but he’ll persistently chase after the player if he sees them.” We don’t know why the gray Shy Guy was removed, though it was seemingly done at the last minute.

This same enemy is now being rediscovered with the help of Game Genie. Twitter user bmf54123 came up with the codes XTXPLIKO XTXPGIYK AANPEXAA ZEVNIGPA to have the gray Shy Guy appear in Super Mario Bros. 2. Destructoid apparently had issues, but was able to get things working with the alternate codes XTXOAIYK XTXPYIKO AANPKXAA ZEVNIGPA.

Here’s a look at the gray Shy Guy in action:


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  • Addae Francisco

    A Gray shy Guy? There’s no Gray shy Guy in the final version of that game.

    • amak11

      That’s the point. It’s just hidden in the code


    • amak11

      Dont be hating on my grey shy brotha


  • TruExtent

    Quite a bit of cut Nintendo content is being found recently. I saw the other day Mario Kart Wii’s Mission Mode was completely cut with just a little bit of code left hiding in the game. Now we have this cute little guy that isn’t so shy. (Didn’t try to rhyme but hey it worked.) Cool discovery!

  • Felipe M.

    Brotha from anotha motha.

  • jimmy

    Grey is a blaa color, if i had to guess it’s because of that, plus no real point of him if you can out walk him anyways

  • Lolo

    As a huge fan of SMB2 (and pidgits!!), this is an awesome discovery! However this appears to be normal behavior for what a gray variant of a shy guy would have been. Reason being is that there exists gray snifits that track you and then shoot (they look in your direction). Red and pink snifits behave like red and pink shy guys, just with the added shooting property. This gray shy guy from follows suit of what a gray variant would have been.

    • Phenom

      Recreating it as it would have been was the point, so “however” doesn’t seem like the best word to put there. That being said, I’m a huge SMB2 fan too, I don’t understand people that say it’s the worse of the NES Mario games. Yeah, it’s no Mario 3, but how is Mario 1 better than Mario 2? Imo, it took platforming to a whole new level compared to the first SMB.

      • Seeker

        “it took platforming to a whole new level”

        I see what you did there.

  • Meadowtronic

    It’s way too slow to be a real obstacle. I think they perfected the concept with Monty Moles in Super Mario World.