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Harvest Moon: Light of Hope – “Feature Spotlight” #3 – “Romance & Dating”

Posted on November 4, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Switch, Videos

Natsume posted the third “Feature Spotlight” video for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope this week. It goes over the bachelors and bachelorettes, gift giving, and festivals.

Here’s the video:

And some background information:

Hello everyone! Taka here – I’m the producer for #HarvestMoon: Light of Hope. Today, we’re showing off the third in our series of Feature Spotlights for Harvest Moon: Light of Hope, a new title coming to PC via Steam on November 14th, and to PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch in 2018.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope features 5 bachelors and 5 bachelorettes: Jeanne, the island’s herbal doctor; Dean the flower-loving son of Carol, the owner of the flower shop; Melanie, the town seamstress; Cyril, the absentminded aristocrat; Nova, the mysterious newcomer to the island; Gabriel, the sensitive son of Sofia, the livestock dealer; Elise, the daughter of Bastian, the owner of the restaurant; Edmond, the masterful mage; Tabitha, the World’s Number One Witch; and Gareth, the reticent wizard.

As always, gift giving plays a big role in dating. Finding out your prospective partner’s likes and dislikes will be a key to wooing them! Tabitha, the World’s Number One Witch, can help you in that department, if you just ask her~
Festivals are key as well, so don’t forget to invite your crush to go with you to festivals, including the new Harvest Moon Festival!

Play your cards right, and you’ll eventually get married and start a family! But don’t forget to save the island while you’re at it 😉


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  • Pepperkeet

    lol oh no…

  • Mon Ensky

    looks so… cheap

  • AJK

    We have Stardew Valley so why?

  • 😛 Jeez what garbage the true harvest moon is story of seasons anyway. They messed up and now they are ruining the Harvest moon brand with these past few lack luster games. True Harvest moon fans have moved on to Story of seasons and regular ones have to Stardew valley. Also damn that typography sucks >:O

    • LadyGamer

      Totally agree, I wish xseed had their hand in this…im getting a switch…but I really don’t care for the games put out by this other maker. I have had seeds of memories on my tablet for about a year…and I’ve played 2 weeks of the first season. Sad….

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