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Here’s the official North American Wii U VC launch lineup

Posted on April 23, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Podcast Stories, Wii U eShop

Through a series of images posted on Facebook, Nintendo has officially confirmed the Wii U Virtual Console lineup for North America.

Eight games in total will be made available at launch. Six are from the NES catalog while two, F-Zero and Super Mario World, are from the SNES library.

Here’s the lineup in full:


Balloon Fight
Donkey Kong Jr.
Excite Bike
Ice Climber
Kirby’s Adventure


Super Mario World

A number of these games – such as Balloon Fight and Kirby’s Adventure – have already been made available through the Virtual Console Trial Campaign.

Nintendo hasn’t said when exactly the Wii U Virtual Console will be launching, but recent speculation has indicated that Friday will be the day.

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