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How to Survive dev explains why Wii U version lacks online multiplayer

Posted on October 5, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U eShop

A couple of months ago, 505 Games provided us with confirmation that How to Survive is heading to Wii U. The revelation was accompanied by a bit of disappointing news, however. Unlike other multiplatform versions of How to Survive, the Wii U version won’t include online play.

We recently spoke with developer Eko Software about the upcoming title and director Jules Benjamin provided us with an explanation as to why this is so.

Benjamin noted that the team decided to focus on improving How to Survive’s story mode – described as “the biggest part of the game” while also creating “specific features for the Wii U instead of doing a straight port and not taking care of the second screen.”

Benjamin said:

“Thanks a lot for this question, we were waiting the chance to explain. The Wii U has a lot of unique features and we needed to make the right choices. We preferred to improve the biggest part of the game – the story mode – and develop specific features for the Wii U instead of doing a straight port and not taking care of the second screen.”

Benjamin later added that the UI “has been fully re-designed for the Wii U and is fully tactile.” This “allows actions that are not possible on other platforms.”

We’ll have our full How to Survive interview up later this weekend.

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  • sonicfan1373

    This does not really surprise me as none of 505 Games’ Wii U titles had online multipayer or any kind of online capabilities for that matter.

  • Everyone, I repeat EVERYONE would have appreciated a “straight port” more, especially considering the dearth of online titles on Wii U. I have seen zero complaints about Runner 2’s complete lack of touchscreen features

    • Robknoxious1

      Why focus on multiplayer when most people won’t play it? I picked up Splinter Cell Blacklist on Wii U digital download. The game is great and offers a pretty fun MP mode. Problem is no one plays it so getting into a match takes forever. I’d rather they focus on a great SP experience.

  • ezquimacore


  • PattonFiend

    It’s ok, we can show our support of half-ports by NOT buying them! It is really that simple…

    • Robknoxious1

      Yeah, don’t buy games from one of the dwindling amount of devs still willing to make games for Wii U. That’ll teach ’em. It will really just show them they probably shouldn’t bother with Wii U in the first place. I guess this is no biggie for people who own two consoles but the folks that just own Wii U may want some more game variety. I also own a 360 but always get the Wii U version if available.

  • Vigilante_blade

    The truth: Laziness.

  • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

    Well if it means we get a strong single player for a game I had no intention of playing multiplayer then it means Im all for it.

    It wont be a lazy port so thats great

  • PattonFiend

    Hey Brian.

    Anyway you could write an E-Mail to these guys asking why it never came out for the Wii U but did all of the other consoles?

    Seems a shame to give them so much of your time and articles and they never even released it, lol…

    • Brandon

      delaying it to put online maybe!?!?!? hint hint 505! >=(

  • Paladinrja

    Ok, so they took a design priority instead of an online MP one from a straight port. Whats the problem? Its not like if enough people buy it that they won’t drop it in a MP patch. The games good and they never said it can’t be done, just that they decided to fill their product targets with features unique to the Wii U.

    I’d like to have both sure but there are expense budgets and associated targets with games production like filesize. In that case if someone gave me a choice of better gameplay or MP online, well yah I wouldn’t choose to sacrifice the very reason I bought a Wii U, for something that can be added in later. Anyway, games good. Hope Blizzard are watching.