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Japanese Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney boxart, $1,365 bundle

Posted on August 11, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

A few days ago, Capcom announced that Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is on the way to 3DS. Like the last few Ace Attorney games, it’s digital only in North America. Capcom is going all out in Japan, however.

Amazon provides a look at the Japanese boxart for Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney on 3DS. Unsurprisingly, it’s pretty identital to the DS original.

Aside from the standard game, Capcom is preparing the Ace Attorney 1 – 6 Premium Edition pack. Priced at 150,000 yen ($1,365), it contains all six main Ace Attorney games, an Ace Attorney 4 mini soundtrack CD, an original box, a set of 15 postcards, a box for those postcards signed by art director Takuro Fuse, a sheet signed by Ace Attorney designer Shu Takumi and a 7 gram pure gold memorial plate. The bundle is exclusive to E-Capcom.

Thanks to Fan for the tip.

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  • JasonBall

    Is that a typo? It must be.

    • Locky Mavo

      With a “PURE GOLD memorial plate” I don’t think it is. But who is actually going to fork out for that?

  • Reggie

    Would a collection of all six games with numerous extras really be worth close to $1,400?…

    • Locky Mavo

      If one of the extras was made from PURE GOLD, I’d say yeah.

      • DeltaPeng

        Depends how much 7 grams of gold is worth….

        Even then, it brings the price of everything else up by a lot. It would’ve been much more affordable if the gold plate was sold by itself. Unless this is like a 1 of a kind deal.

        • Locky Mavo

          Interesting, a couple of Google gold calculator, calculates 7g of 24 karat 100% pure gold at only $288.43 USD currently. Where the hell are they making up the rest of that ridiculous price then?

          • Apollo Justice

            So lets say 350$ for the plate since it’s not just pure gold but also engraved, plus all six games at a price of 25$ = 150$, the two signatures at a generous 50$ each, plus the mini soundtrack at 20$ maximum, plus the postcards at an overpriced 15$ would add up to:

            Add maybe 50$ for the special boxes and packaging and you arrive around at 700$

            They’re basically charging double of what they should.

          • Locky Mavo

            Sure looks that way.

      • Reggie

        I missed that part.

  • ben

    CAPCOM need to be put on suicide watch.

  • Pepperkeet

    Crapcom amirite!

    • ben

      Only the company dumb enough to sign away their best games to Sony could conceive that there is even a single person in the world that wants this bundle.

      • Justin McQuillen

        they’ll be back when they run out of money to blow on failed ps4 casual versions of good games they used to make

      • Justin McQuillen

        by the way i have reason to believe by my own method of prediction that sony won’t be in the market by 2020, and it has everything to do with Nintendo Switch. They simply can’t compete on handheld turf, and no better demonstration exists other than the PSP and Vita’s inability to compete. I believe Sony will try once more to compete with Nintendo, this time against the Switch. It will lose them a lot of money. Their past successes have mainly been luck or corrupt underhandedness and they aren’t going to have the same kind of luck or influence in this domain. I would also love to see Microsoft attempt to compete in this new arena as well because I think it would also deter them, but on the flipside I think they could throw together a better product than Sony.

        • ben

          Without the Tegra chip there is nothing that can actually run even close to the Switch.
          Graphics cards just don’t exist and if sony were to make there own… well… PS3 all over again.. massive loses.

        • ジョシュ

          What about this successful piece of device? XD I wonder what the owners of that thing are doing with it right now…. I haven’t seen any good game for it. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/14a95b01f407de1f248c299554ac602cf28cf5e929aacaafb5764b8fde02ad3e.jpg

          • Justin McQuillen

            I have an OSVR and you can use DolphinVR to play Gamecube games in VR. F-Zero GX is the coolest one.

  • Justin McQuillen

    lmao get rekt

  • DeltaPeng

    So expensive…if it was ebay it’d make sense, but from the official publisher…

    I don’t know, seems excessively priced, but in general it just not my thing. Do people in Japan highly favor limited editions?

    • ben

      They do… but… not at this stupidity level… I mean the most I have seen is about $170..

    • nah

      I mean there is pure gold in this edition. I don’t mean to say that I think they should be putting pure gold in limited edition video bundles, but at least there is a reason as to why it’s so pricey

  • I’m buying this, screw all of you

  • nah

    Has it been revealed when it will be released?

    • jimmy

      I’m pretty sure you can find a frog just about anywhere, not sure aboit the hat though

  • RoadyMike

    I would’ve been fine with a mock lawyer’s badge. PURE GOLD plate is overkill

  • awng782

    Oh Capcom…

  • jimmy

    Lmao da f*q?? Atlus and NIS usually release all that for just around $80

  • Kid X

    That price is ludicrous, you can probably buy every iteration of the 3DS released at that price

  • Matthew Grant

    I want those postcards…