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Japan’s top 10 RPG series, as ranked by Famitsu readers

Posted on October 31, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Famitsu readers were recently tasked with ranking their favorite Japan’s top 3 biggest RPGs by franchise. It might not be surprising, but Dragon Quest came out on top with 366 votes. Final Fantasy was next with 361 votes, followed by Pokemon with 135 votes.

Here’s the full top 10:

1) Dragon Quest series – 366 votes
2) Final Fantasy series – 361 votes
3) Pokemon series – 135 votes
4) Tales of series – 84 votes
5) Shin Megami Tensei series – 44 votes
6) Persona series – 41 votes
7) SaGa series – 29 votes
8) Kingdom Hearts series – 23 votes
9) Suikoden series – 22 votes
10) Mother series – 19 votes

What’s your favorite Japanese RPG series?



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  • Alex Jones



    and the BRAVELY series too <3( or is it under Final Fantasy? )

  • Cautious Gamer

    What happened to Fire Emblem?

    • Airsh Bornely

      FE a SRPG.

  • A lot of my votes are in there, albeit in a bit of a jumbled order. ^_^

    1. Dragon Quest
    2. Pokemon
    3. Final Fantasy
    4. Mother
    5. Shin Megami Tensei (I’d lump Persona in there as part of it, personally)
    6. Wild Arms
    7. Breath of Fire
    8. Disgaea
    9. Tales of
    10. Lufia

    • TheDonRob

      For the most part this is my list too. Couple I haven’t played, but given the ordering of your list, I will have to try those that I haven’t 🙂

  • 1. Pokemon
    2. Final Fantasy
    3. Dragon Quest
    4. Shin Megami Tensei/Persona
    5. Etrian Odyssey
    6. Tales of

  • Rafael Bueno

    that’s actually a pretty good list
    but Persona is from SMT so should be included within SMT

    • Persona is obviously an SMT spinoff, but they’re technically different series now – much like Kingdom Hearts or Bravely Default and Final Fantasy.

      • aiman imran

        I thought BD have nothing to do with FF

  • Rafael Bueno

    here is my top 7:
    1-Kingdom Hearts
    2-Tales of
    3-Final Fantasy
    4-Breath of Fire
    5-Shin Megami Tensei

  • Dimitur Gospodinov

    For real no Fire Emblem?!

    • Rafael Bueno

      SRPG doesn’t count sadly

      • Glenda Wooley

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      • If it did I’d be saddened by the lack of Ogre Battle.

  • Killey

    Even if half of them are dead, my top ten:

    1 – Suikoden
    2 – Lunar
    3 – Dragon Quest
    4 – The Legend of Heroes
    5 – Final Fantasy
    6 – Wild Arms
    7 – Shin Megami Tensei
    8 – Grandia
    9 – Breath of Fire
    10 – Star Ocean

  • I loooooove Dragon Quest (Especially IX)

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    Fire Emblem doesn’t exist now?
    Anyways, I’m amazed Mother is on this but Tales of beating SMT/Persona makes me really upset.
    Though I guess if you compile the two into one, they beat out Tales of.

  • Airsh Bornely

    Poor Mother… :/

    • rik nijholt

      I think it’s impressive that it made the list at all. Shows how powerful the Mother Series is, and how it stood the tests of time.

    • Making a list like this at all isn’t half-bad for a confirmed dead series with three games, the last of which came out nearly a decade ago.

  • TheDonRob

    Great list, I think my list would look like this:

    1. Dragon Quest
    2. Pokemon
    3. Final Fantasy
    4. Mother
    6. Tales
    7. Kingdom Hearts
    8. Disgaea

  • Justin McQuillen

    agree with everything but kingdom hearts, it’s not really an rpg

    • Joseph

      You are okay with Tales being an rpg, but not KH? The only difference between the two is that one has a separate screen for battle and the other has fights in the open world (KH obviously). Both of them are pretty much action rpgs with your common rpg elements of fighting bosses, exploring worlds/towns, treasure hunting etc.

      • Justin McQuillen

        If that’s the case, Zelda should obviously be on the list.

  • ♡Princess☆Peach♪

    1.Fire Emblem
    But if we dont include SRPGs
    3.Ar tonelico/Surge Concerto
    5.Tales of
    6.Legend of Heroes
    7.Star Ocean
    9.Bravely(Real Final Fantasy)
    10.Final Fantasy before FFXII.
    SMT and Persona are also pretty great.
    I wish Nintendo would revive Golden Sun and Mother…

  • Huh, I like how that list ranked. Mostly what I expected though. I’m glad that SMT still seems to outrank Persona with some crowd at least. I wonder how the shift in the series is regarded with the Japanese fans.

  • Interesting that SMT ranks higher than Persona, when it’s generally assumed (not least of all by Atlus) that Persona is more popular by a long shot. Are they more even in Japan, or just among Famitsu readers?

    I dunno if you can properly count Chrono or Xeno as “series”, but I like those. Baten Kaitos also needs more love.

    FF and SMT are good too, of course.

  • aiman imran

    Why didnt they just lump persona’s and smt votes together?persona is basically a spinoff of the megami tensei franchise

  • Bruno Jander

    What happened to Fire Emblem?!