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Lots of Toki Tori 2 Wii U details: 1080p, Off TV play confirmed, more

Posted on August 9, 2012 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

Two Tribes has been answering a massive amount of Toki Tori 2 fan questions on Twitter. Lots of details about the Wii U version have been shared, such as a confirmation of 1080p support, Off TV play, and more.

We’ve rounded up the information below. If you have a question for Two Tribes, hit them up on Twitter here.

– Last build was 800 MB
– Two Tribes expects the final download to be at 300 MB with compression
– 1080p confirmed
– May have achievements, decision hasn’t been made yet
– Two Tribes says it’s “much easier” working with the Wii U hardware compared to Wii
– Wii U has “lots of options”
– Price will be around 10€
– The Nintendo audience mostly attracted Two Tribes to Wii U
– No decision made on Miiverse
– Two Tribes thinks Miiverse “looks promising”
– Coders found working with Wii U to be “easier than expected”
– Not sure if Wii U will have any features over the PC (and vise versa) aside from the GamePad
– Two Tribes hopes to have it ready for Wii U’s launch
– No plans for the 3DS right now
– No unlockable characters
– Game is one big unlockable level
– Will be downloadable on Wii U
– You’ll accomplish something by collecting all of the collectibles found on the harder routes
– Leaderboards under consideration
– Some levels are vertically oriented
– Most are side-scrolling
– Off-TV play fully supported
– Bringing in old levels through DLC wouldn’t make sense since they’re very different
– Two Tribes on working with Nintendo: “We’re happy with how things are going!”
– No online multiplayer
– May use GamePad’s touchscreen for gameplay, but not as the main control method
– Level sharing aspect not decided for Wii u version
– Probably won’t have unlockable concept art, videos, etc.
– Two Tribes has been working with Wii U for a few months
– No DLC planned
– Making the Wii U version support user created levels would be a lot of work to have it function properly, so it’s not planned initially
– Better shop experience and the GamePad also led Two Tribes to bring Toki Tori 2 to Wii U
– Two Tribes always has ideas, but it’s only bringing Toki Tori 2 to Wii U for now
– Two Tribes will ask Nintendo if it can host public betas on Wii U
– Original title probably won’t be included in Toki Tori 2
– Two Tribes hasn’t looked into Wii U’s online much yet
– No plans to support other controllers like the Wiimote or Pro controller
– More people should be able to complete the game compared to the original
– Harder puzzles are optional
– 30 and 60 FPS both a possibility on Wii U
– Two Tribes would like to make more Wii U games
– No guarantee for 60 FPS, but Two Tribes would be disappointed if it can’t reach that mark
– About 30% of puzzles are difficult
– Don’t count on shared save states between the Wii U and Steam versions
– No slowdown when playing on the GamePad screen
– Wii U specs are “perfect” for Toki Tori 2


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