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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has a controller restriction with wireless split-screen play

Posted on April 21, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe lets you mess around with many different control schemes. In most cases, you can play with a Switch Pro Controller or a single Joy-Con. You can also use a pair of Joy-Con controllers that are either attached, detached or in a grip.

When it comes to the Wireless Play mode, things become a bit more limited. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s split-screen grays out the option for each player to use a full pair of Joy-Con controllers. Because of this, it’s only possible to use a single Joy-Con per player or two Pro Controllers.

To make it clearer: if you have two Switch units and four players, each player needs Pro Controllers or must use a single Joy-Con.

It’s not immediately clear why the restriction is in place. It could come down to the limitations of Bluetooth technology, though that’s somewhat of a guess.

Polygon reached out to Nintendo for a comment. The company has not yet replied, but we’ll let you know if that changes.

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  • no one’s going to do this

    • Billy Bob Throrton

      Pro Controller > Joy Cons. It’s been like this literally the entire time. just use a pro controller! There’s nothing hard about it.

      • no i mean 8 player local multiplayer with 8 systems

        • TruExtent

          At least the feature is there and it’s easy to connect. It’s like a LAN party but without the cables and TVs and all the other setup stuff! I can see more people getting use out of this than, say, Double Dash’s LAN feature.

        • Exy

          I might. There’s enough Switches in the house to get at least halfway there. The only obstacle is getting enough copies of the game.

    • Victoriasewers

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  • Velen (Not WoW)

    A technical limitation?

    • Armandood

      Maybe the Switch supports just two controllers on local wireless?

    • YoungTheFish

      I could be the wireless communication bandwidth limit. (I’m just pretending to know what I;m talking about)

  • Aline Piroutek

    Usually a person who plays wireless splitscreen:
    1-One of his friends doesn’t have a Switch so his friend doens’t have a pair of joycons.
    2-Otherwise, his friend would bring its own Switch to play local multiplayer with 1/2 joycons, without splitscreen.

    • Thomas_NE

      What if I have 4 joycons for multiplayer and only one friend is over?

      • FutureFox

        “When it comes to the Wireless Play mode, things become a bit more limited.”

        I assume you mean over your house and by chance the TV is occupied. In that case plan better play dates or invest in pro-controllers.

  • Nowhere Man

    Please tell me there’s 4-player local Battle Mode, and that there are no controller limitations for that. Cause I have four Joy-Cons and two pro controllers.

    • I can confirm local multiplayer has no controller restrictions

      • Nowhere Man

        Whew, thanks!

  • AJK

    Do we know if each switch needs a copy of the game to do multi switch multiplayer?

    • ≈ KobobKC ≈ ^.^

      Yes, you do. No download play.

      • Aline Piroutek

        WHAT??? This is a bad move Nintendo. How many times you thing i played Mario Kart DS Download Play? More than 800.

        • ≈ KobobKC ≈ ^.^

          It would take a hella-long time to download with how big the game is. That’s probably why it’s not a feature.

          • What would be cool is if they could release a demo which can connect for multiplayer, like what they did with Mario Party Star Rush

          • Felipe M.

            A Mario Kart 8 demo? Too late for that.

      • AJK

        Good to know. We need 3 copies for our house then lol

        • Aline Piroutek

          That’s Nintendo’s plan

  • Melatelo

    Well that’s super annoying. Hopefully it’s something they will patch in layer. I wonder why they’ve done this to begin with though. It defitney is not a technical limitation as I’ve played Lego City Undercover with 2 pairs of joycons- with another person in split screen.

    • Keithin8a

      Having more joycons connected is likely to increase the load on the CPU which will decrease performance. Nintendo have gone out of their way to ensure this stays 60fps and maybe 90% of the time it would be able to stay at 60 but they want to be able to get that as high as they can.

    • This is only if you want to connect to other local Switch consoles, you can still use a pair in tabletop

    • Felipe M.

      Lego City Undercover on a tiny controller with barely any buttons on it than the basic ones? Surely a great experience.. yeah.

      • Melatelo

        I’m talking about using 2 pairs of joycon. You do realise that right?

  • TruExtent

    I suspect Nintendo is just try to keep it simple in what ever warped way they think. I believe we’ll get a patch some time down the line to address this. They did update the original MK8 to add a map and fix the View Replay / Next Race menu problem.

  • shani

    That’s odd. I’ve always played MK with a Wiimote + Nunchuck since MK Wii and I’m not going back to a one-piece-controller for multiplayer races/battles.
    I hope they will patch this after the release.

    Oh wait, does this only apply when you want to play with more than one Switch? In that case, never mind, I don’t know anyone who has a Switch,

    • Aline Piroutek

      Wiimote + Nunchuck aren’t compatiple. =( sad. My favourite combination too.
      I don’t have a Switch, maybe the feeling of 2 joycon is the same/almost the same

    • Only for local wireless

      • Shin2mars

        and online mode, no? 2 players = 2 single joycon horizontal, or 1 single joycon horizontal + 1 pro controller, or 2 pro controller
        but no 1 pro controller + 1 grip (2 joycons)

  • metalpants

    The best way to play this (wirelessly) is by having your own Switch. Who would want to squint just to see what’s going on in their side of the tiny console screen?

    This game is meant for TV split screen, or one-person-per-Switch mode.

    Inb4 “but daz 2 much mone!!!11!$%×^[!” … you did it with 3DS, right? What’s the problem with Switch?

  • xsoldiercloud

    Can’t use a pro controller while the other person uses both joycons attached to handheld mode. Its hella annoying….

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