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Miyamoto: 3D vision not as “extraordinary” as it once was

Posted on May 4, 2012 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

When Nintendo unveiled the 3DS, the system’s 3D effect was all that anyone could talk about, including the Big N. It was the selling point for the system – the new, big feature.

More than a year later following the 3DS’ launch, Shigeru Miyamoto doesn’t see 3D vision as being “extraordinary” as it once was since it “is something more commonplace”.

Miyamoto said the following in a new EDGE interview:

“I think when we started off, we were focussing a lot on the 3D stereoscopic display, on using that effect. And I think [for that] both users who [were] playing the software and us creating the software, [it] was a very central point.

“Looking back one year, now we’ve realised that 3D vision is something more commonplace, not extraordinary; we’ve come to a more natural, easier approach to 3D vision.

“We’ve transitioned to use it when it’s appropriate and maybe not use it when it’s not necessary. In that respect, we’ve come to a move natural way of dealing with 3D.”

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