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Monster Hunter XX Limited Edition being prepared for Switch

Posted on May 28, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Capcom is planning various products surrounding Monster Hunter XX on Switch. We know about the special Switch bundle, and on top of that, there will also be a Monster Hunter XX Limited Edition.

The package will include a copy of the game, mini shoulder bag, Creators Selection Soundtrack with five songs, and a Production Note book similar to the 3DS version earlier in the year. Buyers on the e-Capcom store will also receive one of nine Renkin Style Acrylic Dot Mascots at random.

We’ll also point out that Capcom will release a Monster Hunter XX Value Pack containing copies of the game on Switch and 3DS. The e-Capcom bonuses will be offered here as well.

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  • Jesiah Grant

    Thats pretty neat, still getting digital though 😛

  • DeltaPeng

    Interesting to see more devs put out limited editions, but I know MH can have some pretty hardcore fans, so I’m sure this would appeal to a lot of folk

    That all said, I would like the idea of videogame soundtracks becoming more available, even outside of limited editions. Fingers crossed that more devs add said soundtracks to amazon music.

    • More and more vg soundtracks are becoming available on vinyl and on NES cartridges, but I still can’t buy what I want digitally… ???

      • DeltaPeng

        It is unfortunate, but at least some progress is being made.

        Back in the day, per legal means, you had to only import Japanese video game soundtracks, which are expensive in general + overseas shipping ($25-50 range), but the collection of videogame music available either from Amazon or iTunes is increasing (like a lot of popular music like Final Fantasy, Pokemon, classic Mega Man and some Mega Man X [from the official capcom site], and some non-sonic Sega music like Nights). Sonic R music is finally up as well (which I’d been waiting for for years).

        • Oh man, the NiGHTS soundtrack is amazing!!!

          • DeltaPeng

            SEGA does a surprisingly good job with most of their vocal / lyrical songs, most are quite memorable (like Sonic R).

            Oh, they have the Phantasy Star Online soundtrack as well, which has some good music/ vocal music (ending). Wish they had their classic Sonic music, but hopefully one day

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