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Monster Hunter XX Switch details – save transfers, controls

Posted on June 4, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Following the announcement of Monster Hunter XX on Switch, Famitsu has its first coverage of the new version this week. The magazine mainly tackles the controls and information about save transfers, but we also have a couple of tidbits about improvements plus screenshots.

Players will be able to transfer save data from Monster Hunter Generations (3DS, Japanese version) to Monster Hunter XX on Switch. You can also transfer the same content which you can move from Monster Hunter Generations (3DS, Japanese version) to XX (3DS).

You can’t transfer some gear. If you change your gender, some exclusive gear will be exchanged to the one for the other gender. Some nonexchangeable gear vanishes, but you will obtain a crafting fee, forging fee and Armor Spheres.

Guild Cards are transferable. However, some of the information and settings tied in with Guild Cards can’t be moved, such as Gear settings, Journal, total play time, etc.

All download quests will vanish. The settings for your block list and chat template also can’t be transferred.

To move or share save data from 3DS to Switch, you need to download and use an app. It will be free though and should be distributed on the eShop.

On Switch, Monster Hunter XX’s user interface is optimized for a single screen and has been refined. There are various revisions and the following are just some examples:

– You can simultaneously see both the appearance of a weapon / equipment and required materials on crafting or forging.
– Chat window area is enhanced; thanks to its higher resolution, text is easier to read.

Finally, here’s a look at the different control types:

Control Type 1:
– Hunter Arts
D pad
– Target Camera

Control Type 2:
– Hunter Arts
– Target Camera control
D pad

– Hunter Arts

– Target Camera
Pressing down R Stick

According to Famitsu, development progress is 75 complete. Monster Hunter XX launches for Switch in Japan on August 25. View the latest screenshots below.

Thanks to iYakku for assisting us with this post.

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  • im gonna buy monster hunter for wiiu because it’s $8
    i hope it doesnt suck

    • Odali

      At that price it doesn’t suck.

    • Roto Prime

      You will enjoy it Uncle Phile Hug!! have fun swimming…..I miss it ;_____;

      • that sounds great bc i can’t swim in real life

      • PRIMUS

        I miss swimming as well.

        • Roto Prime

          Mohun 5 for the swim!

    • Indielink

      It didn’t suck when it was priced at 60.

  • Odali

    Looking forward to XX when it releases (in English) so hopefully its not too far until they localize it.

  • Roto Prime

    Can’t wait for August!! I feel this will be a world wide release!!!

    • Ragnell

      Same here. Plenty of time has passed for the localization to take place.

    • Lord Ozzie

      It is very possible considering 2/3rds of the game is already localised (MHgen) and the MHXX Switch is releasing on a Friday in Japan which usually happens for world wide releases.

      • Roto Prime

        You have deep understanding !!! you see beyond baby!!!!

        • Lord Ozzie

          Great minds think alike 😉 My only concern at the moment is the MH5 PS4 rumors, they are spreading like wild fire.

          • Roto Prime

            Let it spread, it is all a load of crap, plus the salt is that much more tasty after FWAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

          • Lord Ozzie

            I guess you are right, only less then a week to go to find out everything, E3 here we come!

          • Roto Prime

            Yep, We got this!!

          • Andrew Raines

            So uhh… looks like you were totally wrong, Roto Prime. No salt for you.

          • Roto Prime

            Well ya, I was lol, no salt for me ;_____;

          • DragonKing Zul

            Can’t wait for Monster Hunter World on ps4, sadly looks like no monster hunter xx for us thou… why do both 🙁

          • Roto Prime

            Enjoy it for both of us DragonKing Zul ;_____;

  • justln

    I find it hard to believe that Famitsu, a Japanese magazine, is talking about Monster Hunter Generation, a Western release of MHX.

    MHX and MHGenerations cannot connect to each other, have different DLCs and different servers. Please correct your article so that people don’t get confused and thinks the Western 3DS Generation will be able to convert into the Japanese Switch XX.

    • Savien

      You are right, there’s never anything announced about Generations. Only MHX and MHXX.
      It’s a stupid and obvious mistake caused by journalists writing about a game without doing proper basic research. That they don’t know MHX and Generations functions as two different game and can’t be called one way or the other whatever they please.
      Kotaku also made the same mistake and after a whole week has pasted, they didn’t fix it kek

      • Brian

        This has nothing to do with being incorrect or properly researched. We intentionally used the Generations name so that it would be clear which Monster Hunter title is being referred to since “X” is known as “Generations” everywhere outside of Japan.

        Seeing as how we’ve consistently referred to XX on 3DS and the Switch version as Japanese-only releases, and it being widely known as such, and the fact that this information does indeed come from a Japanese magazine, we didn’t feel there would be any room for confusion.

        That being said, if it wasn’t clear at all, we’ve updated our post to make it absolutely certain that we’re talking about Generations’ Japanese release for transfers.

  • Jaxon Holden

    75% complete, and it’s June now and releases in August. And it’ll have to be done by mid July to have time to print copies. Meaning the last 25% should be done in 1 month. Which means the entire game was ported very quickly and easily. This is good- means future Switch ports will be very likely

  • Jessy N NutNut

    And this game just sold me a switch. Been playing the Monster Hunter games with my Wife since 3U!

    • tercel lynn

      try freedom unite on the PSP classic monster hunter game

    • Alex Foth

      dont try freedom unite on PSP, their nostalgia is delusional. That game is whack

      • Fandangle

        Boohoo, it doesn’t have the autotarget camera and the easy mode weapons. It’s still a great game.


    At e3 if they announce that Monster Hunter XX is releasing world wide in August. Nintendo wins e3 and I continue playing Breath of the wild.

    • R.Z.

      That seems optimistic, but I believe we could see MH on Switch this (fiscal) year.

      • Jelly Cometkun

        I don’t see how its really optimistic when you take into the fact that XX was already released earlier this year. I know this is Capcom we’re talking about but it isn’t completely out the window that they were already translating XX while porting it to the Switch. It would literally be two birds with one stone.

        • Ian Light McGowan

          As someone who’s been a monster hunter fan since the original, I just cannot get my hopes up. I’ve been burned WAY too many times 🙁

        • R.Z.

          It’s optimistic because you make the hypothesis that it will come to the west at the earliest possible time with zero delay, it’s definitely the most optimistic scenario, there’s no other way to describe it.

          Based on previous localization times August would be the sooner an MH game has ever hit the west after the Japanese release. Following the usual pattern it would be more likely to come out early next year.
          However since MHX already came out in the West you are right that it may very well happen faster.

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            You do realize it is possible they’ve been working on a translation during the Switch Versions development cycle, right? The game is already out on the 3DS.

          • R.Z.

            yeah, but it’s only been out for a few months on 3DS, no MH game has ever been localized that quickly.

          • Merik Lobo

            That’s very true, Capcom usually takes their time with localizations, however, and as previously pointed out, they’ve likely been working on XX’s localization since March and would merely need to port 90% of their work over to the switch edition and fine tune the last 10% for the version differences (controls and what have you). On top of this, and by Nintendo’s word, the Switch’s eshop was designed in a way that makes it much easier for devs to make simultaneous releases across multiple regions, so depending on how far along the localization actually is its possible, not likely, but possible that Capcom may take advantage of this and coordinate a global release of XX.

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