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More Pokemon Bank, Poke Transfer details

Posted on September 4, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

The official Pokemon X/Y website has updated with additional details about Pokemon Bank and Poke Transfer. You can find another batch of tidbits below.

Pokemon Bank

– Deposit, store, manage Pokemon in private boxes
– Annual charge
– Link up to your own dedicated boxses
– Pokemon will be safe even if you lose your game
– Each box can store up to 30 Pokemon for a total of 3,000
– Pokemon X/Y will still have in-game PC boxes
– Deposit and withdraw Pokemon from different copies of Pokemon X/Y
– Download Pokemon Bank, insert Pokemon X/Y, and open the Pokemon Bank app
– Works with downloadable versions of Pokemon X/Y
– Conveniently transfer many Pokemon at once without needing two game systems
– Search functions included
– Stored on an online server
– Free trial period will be available at launch

Poke Transporter

– Insert Pokemon Black/White or Pokemon Black/White 2
– Can then use Poke Transporter to transfer Pokemon from these games into their own online Boxes
– This allows you to easily transfer those Pokemon into Pokemon X/Y using Pokemon Bank
– Free downloadable app
– Launching alongside Pokemon Bank
– Poke Transporter cannot return Pokemon to Black/White or Black/White 2 after they’ve been stored in an online Box
– “Note: You may find yourself unable to use Pokémon Bank or Poké Transporter to deposit any Pokémon created illegally by software unauthorized by The Pokémon Company and Nintendo into your online Boxes, or to move these Pokémon between online Boxes.”


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  • LordDisco

    Doesn’t this imply that your NNID will be applied to your Pokemon Bank ID? Or maybe they are one in the same? If so, maybe 3DS NNID is coming before Pokemon X and Y’s release. *fingers crossed*

  • Thomas_NE

    I wonder how much they’re going to be charging to host a couple of Kb per person in the cloud.

    • Linktoreality

      The word going around is $5 a year

      • darkrailover

        Why $5 a year why not just pay $5 to get it and thats it?

        • Linktoreality

          Servers and maintenance cost money, and $5 a year is pretty nice considering they’ll let you keep your Pokemon on their servers for forever.

          • darkrailover

            What if you cant pay $5 a year?

          • Christian Valentino Austin Cla

            Than you are poor or your parents don’t love you. -_-

  • MrElephant

    Don’t Like this idea at all