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More Splatoon 2 Hero Mode tidbits, voice chat won’t work with random strangers

Posted on May 27, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

This week’s issue of Famitsu contains a Splatoon 2 feature. Although it’s largely based on the information covered in the game’s trailer and recent tweets, there are some new tidbits.

Below are a few details we came across in the magazine about the Hero Mode campaign:

– Octarian’s world is more feminine than the past one in Splatoon
– Since there is an icon top right of the UI, there will be a Sunken Scrolls collection feature again
– Hero Suit can grow; the suit shown in screenshots are the level 1 form
– The machine gun-esque looking weapon is just called “Hero Shooter” in the Japanese version; it’s an orthodox, standard shooter
– Octolings might use different sub-weapon when they uses different main weapon (Octolings will use various weapons unlike the first Splatoon; Famitsu shows them using the Slosher and Blaster; each of those weapons might have different type of sub weapons)
– Usable special weapon differs by situation (this sounds like each stage or level will offer you different type of special weapon)
– Sheldon will bring you new weapons using his drone

Elsewhere, in the latest issue of GamesTM, a couple of Splatoon 2 developers talked about voice chat. It’s confirmed that players will only be able to communicate with people they know, and chatting with random strangers won’t be possible.

Producer Yusuke Amano and director Hiashi Nogami said:

“Splatoon is basically designed as a game that you can enjoy without direction communication. The reason we included voice chat this time is because we wanted users who already know each other to enjoy the game more deeply using a communication tool that’s linked to the game. Basically the same environment as the previous game has been preserved, so there is no need for concern.” – Yusuke Amano

“Voice chat can only be used when playing with someone you know, such as in private matchmaking; voice chat with someone you don’t know in random matchmaking won’t happen.” – Hisashi Nogami

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  • I prefer voice chat that way. Not a fan of going to a random lobby online and there’s people I don’t know at all playing loud music, or just themselves are obnoxious.

    • Fandangle

      The most obvious solution is to allow muting but god forbid nintendo actually implement a feature right the first time or follow thr example of countless other companies already perfected it in countless other games over the last 3 generations.

  • TheGoomba

    I’m fine with that. I’d rather hear people I know than hear some 8 year old call me the newest bad word he learned at school.

  • Aline Piroutek

    I’m fine. I want voice chat to chat with friends.
    But…voice chat on the mobile phone only? I want to hear both the awesome soundtrack and my friend’s voices. I need to see how this is going to work.

    • JackTheFrost

      I feel the same way but blame Nintendo for not incorporating it into the actual console itself.

    • Did they really say only? Because I’m sure the phone app would be considered an OPTION, but not mandatory. Why else are there headsets such as this for the system?

      • Reiianuo

        I was actually wondering about these myself. None of the current Switch games support voice chat yet, right? I wonder if those would even work.

      • Kenshin0011

        We have no proof that voice chat will work on anything but the phone app. Maybe, but who knows…

  • Dascylus

    No voice chat with randoms? The tiny violin just started playing for all the 12-year-old screechers out there.

  • Snackster1001

    Nintendo needs to stop with these voice chat restrictions. I know I personally don’t care for voice chat, but WHY do they insist on not allowing people to communicate in a multiplayer game? Hopefully their online service is at least easy to use. Also, to anyone saying they don’t want to hear screechers, there’s always a MUTE option

    • Reggie

      Isn’t this just whining on your part? I don’t know about you, but I find this to be the perfect compromise. It’s better than not having it at all.

      • Snackster1001

        No, it isn’t. I’m criticizing why Nintendo insists on deciding who the players can communicate with. It makes no sense that players can’t communicate in a multiplayer online game. Games like Overwatch require that you talk with strangers in order to perform better in the game competitively. This not only limits the potential that the game has in terms of competition, but once again proves that nintendo can’t listen to its fans without throwing a curveball for no reason. But yeah, I’m just “whining” about a feature that has been a staple for competitive multiplayer since the previous 2 generation

        • Reggie

          But as another person here already excellently brought up, Splatoon is different in that the game is more visual with the ink splat. Players can communicate just with colors. Not all communication has to be verbal, especially when most of the time it is just angry, self-entitled nuts who scream profanity and other hateful messages just because you did something they didn’t like. Or that they’re saying/doing obnoxious things.

          Lol no, I wouldn’t want to hear that in any game I play. It’s aggravating and dampens the fun out of the game. In the end though, what they came up with here is better than nothing. Would you honestly rather they not have voice chat whatsoever? Yeah it’s not perfect, but it’ still better than nothing.

          • Snackster1001

            You’re missing the point by justifying how they go about voice chat instead of going for the standard voice chat that has already been established. Like I said, I don’t care for voice chat because regardless I would only be playing with my friends. BUT, it’s wrong to do something just for the sake of being different. It’s like making a burger without a patty because “I wanna be different”.

          • Reggie

            Why even complain about it when you don’t even care for voice chat and would only be playing with your friends anyway?

          • KnickKnackMyWack

            Because it’s cool to hate anything Nintendo does. As far as I’m concerned public voice chat is completely insipid and I never bother with it, only parties. Nintendo meeting halfway is precisely what they should be doing.

  • hi v3.0

    I’m fine with this tbh… Nintendo probably doesn’t want Splatoon to be filled with anger and cursing lol.

  • MoYeung

    Western voice chat inevitably becomes verbal “f-bomb” bombardment…

    • Kenshin0011

      This stereotype is overblown

      • ben

        Overwatch was horrible 95% of the time I played using voice chat. Just people demanding others to change or calling them names,
        Splatoon had none of those issues.

        • Kenshin0011

          I have over 300 hours logged in Overwatch.

          Voice chat is essential in doing well in ranked mode. Most people use it, and it’s just fine the majority of the time.

          In quick play, a lot of people don’t even use voice chat, and the ones who do usually aren’t bad. If they are, it takes one click to mute them.

          • Gabe Hoffman

            Have you even played TF2? That game will make you loath mic spam with a passion. Voice Chat isn’t really that big a deal in a game like Splatoon since the ink itself can serve as an effective means of communication in a way

          • Kenshin0011

            Yes, and at higher levels, most people were civil and it served as an extra step towards a better team and more compelling competition.

            Splatoon can survive with chat, it’s still fun, but again, there’s no reason why the option shouldn’t be there.

          • Gabe Hoffman

            I wonder if you even read the article. Voice Chat is in Splatoon. It’s just limited to friends only. Really I don’t mind this and I think It’s better this way because there is no need to worry about dealing with squeakers and trolls. Frankly a lot of people I know just use Skype or Discord

          • Kenshin0011

            It’s never “better” to have more limited options.

            Random voice chat could be muted by default, and those who choose to turn it on can do so.

          • Gabe Hoffman

            I don’t see why you make such a fuss over these things. It’s a good compromise really. There are many people who prefer to just use voice chat with friends

          • Kenshin0011

            Nintendo clearly wants this game to be popular as a tournament/competitive game by the way they depicted it in some trailers. Every other game like it offers voice chat. Also, taking away a feature for no good reason (because it’s a choice to use it or not) is not a “compromise”.

          • Gabe Hoffman

            They didn’t take it away. Splatoon can be perfectly competitively viable without voice chat. It’s all about reading the ink. They didn’t take away voice chat either. They really added it in when you consider the last Splatoon didn’t have it but they struck a compromise to ensure people wouldn’t have to deal with squeakers. Did you ever consider that many people don’t really like dealing with strangers and prefer to talk with those they know

          • Kenshin0011

            What’s so hard to understand that those who wouldn’t want to use public voice chat wouldn’t have to? That’s what a compromise is.

            They took it away in the sense that it should be there, it could be there, but they are purposefully limiting it to friends only.

          • Gabe Hoffman

            And whats wrong with making it friends only so people don’t have to deal with screechers

          • Kenshin0011

            That’s easy to do, as I’ve said about 3 different times now:

            Random voice chat could be muted by default, and those who CHOOSE to turn it on can do so.

          • Gabe Hoffman

            I think you need to chill here. Many here are perfectly fine with voice chat being friends only and it’s not hard to see why. As MoYeung pointed out no matter how essential you make out voice chat for communication and teamwork, it inevitably turns into a massive cess pit of insults and negativity

          • Kenshin0011

            Funny how when people lose grounds to argue on, they resort to meaningless “you need to chill”.

            Don’t forget that online will soon be a premium service requiring a payment. That makes it even more of a disappointment that modern features are purposefully scrubbed from the game.

            Clearly Nintendo admits voice chat is important to some people, because they included it. But limiting that to only specific friends is pointless for many who do not have real life friends with a Switch, or don’t want to add random people as friends in order for the chance to maybe match with them in-game.

  • Kenshin0011

    For a team work game like this, voice chat would have been much appreciated. All they’d have to do is have it be muted by default and those WHO WANT THE CHOICE to engage in voice chat can enable it.

    It really would have taken the game to the next level of competitiveness and fun, but no, Nintendo has to play unreasonable, authoritarian, nanny.

    • ben

      Play overwatch with randoms… there is nothing next level about that. The game is worse with voice chat.

      • Kenshin0011

        Overwatch is a big reason as to why I think not having voice chat in Splatoon 2 is such a disappointment.

        It’s necessary to do well competitively, and without it, there are aspects of coordination that is not possible.

        • KnickKnackMyWack

          Get a team of four and your problem is completely moot.

    • Izaal Daar

      100% agree

  • Sam Coley

    More feminine Octarian world? …Calliekins… It’s…it’s gotta be Callie they meant.

    • BooDestroyer

      Get over yourself. Callie is going to be just fine by the end of the story.

  • DonSerrot

    Is this new? I’m pretty sure that’s how they said the voice chat would work back when the feature was first announced (or shortly after).

  • YamiryuuZero

    That’s something I can accept. I’d much rather talk to people I know, anyways, I hate dealing with strangers. This is a much better decision than having no voice chat at all!

  • The mute button exists. If you ever find yourself playing an online game where some dude starts griefing and screaming obscenities into the mic, you can press start and mute them. Or if you just don’t want it in your game, take 20 seconds to go into the sound menu in the options and turn all voicechat off.

    But team-based competitive games ARE better with voice chat..The team that communicates more effectively with their teammates has a big advantage over their opponents. This is true even in games with randoms, such as in Overwatch’s ranked mode. For a lot of us, this also makes the game more fun. Now, maybe you don’t care at all about playing with a competitive mindset, which is fine. But some people do care, and clearly Nintendo acknowledges that by including a ranked mode in their game as well as by having used a competitive setting as an example of how to play Splatoon on Switch during its reveal.

    Communication is a skill, just like learning to use a more effective control method (mouse and keyboard or gyroscope vs dual analog), or learning to counterpick according to the map selection and the enemies’ weapons and strategies. The whole point of having skills to develop is to have fun doing so. It’s really not like limiting the amount of skills that players have access to somehow maximizes the amount of fun that everyone is having. In reality, the people that don’t care that much about the game couldn’t tell the difference anyway, but the people that do care end up with a game that they recognize as more shallow than it could have been. So why would you want to limit those players’ experiences, if it doesn’t really affect you? Your reason shouldn’t just be, “because I’m incapable of finding the mute button on either the scoreboard or the options menu.”

    To be perfectly honest, Splatoon is still great because of the same reason that most Nintendo games are great: they have very well designed and polished core mechanics (moving and shooting, in all their forms, are expertly woven together in many ways). But one can acknowledge that while also acknowledging that Nintendo is way behind other companies like Blizzard or Capcom when it comes to giving their games competitive depth.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Voice chat can make a game more fun? Clearly you have not played TF2. Splatoon isn’t really dependent on voice chat as much because the ink itself serves as a means of visual communication

      • Nonsense. Ink cannot tell you that a teammate is ready to use bubble so it’s time to group up and make a push, or that’s it’s a good idea to push left because the opponents are grouped up on the right lane, or that a teammate spotted an enemy activating the inkzooka so everyone should take cover. These are the type of callouts that happen regularly when playing competitive overwatch. There is no competitive benefit to limiting this option.

        “I can’t be bothered to press the mute button” is not a good reason to protect Nintendo’s decision from criticism.

        • KnickKnackMyWack

          Splatoon 1 had no voice chat at all and the game is meant to be enjoyed by young gamers as well as adults. This is a great halfway meet and I think your complaining about no public chat is nothing more than a losing battle.

          • I don’t understand your point. Should i only argue for something when it’s a “winning” battle? I don’t care about winning or losing an argument. I care about explaining to you guys, who seem to have no experience with competitive team based games, why the lack of voice chat in solo queue ranked battle is detrimental to our experience, and how the existence of the mute button solves any concerns you might have with the quality of the voice conversations you would encounter.

          • KnickKnackMyWack

            By “losing battle,” I mean you are never getting public voice chat on a Nintendo system. It won’t happen, period. Friend chat more than suffices and frankly I think losing our collective crap over public chat, given how it’s far more obnoxious than helpful on a nine times out of ten basis, is incredibly dumb anyway.

            I’ve had plenty of voice chat experiences and almost none of them are positive unless they were directly involving people I already knew. So personally for me, I think this is a best case scenario and am totally satisfied. As far as I’m concerned, you’re in an incredibly small minority of people who actually care this much about public chat.

          • Let me go over this again to see if you get it this time. “Friend chat more than suffices” for you, not for those of us that care about depth in our competitive games. I’ve already explained how this OPTION to have voice chat in public competitive games does not harm the experience of those that don’t want voice chat, as they can simply turn it off. The game could ask you “do you want to use voice chat?” the first time you try to play ranked, and if you say “no”, that would be that, end of story. Parental controls could make it so that voice chat is always off no matter what. It’s simple. The lack of this option cannot make for a “best case scenario”, because that option would be trivial to implement and have no consequence on anyone that doesn’t care about it.

            As for the people that care about this being a minority: so? If I wanted to play games for the lowest common denominator I would be playing Ubisoft games, not Nintendo’s. As long as what a minority wants doesn’t affect the experience of the majority (which you can only claim you are part of, but cannot prove), the majority doesn’t need to concern themselves with proving or disproving the minority”s arguments. Public voice chat DOES NOT affect the majority’s experience as it is an OPTION that can be activated or desactivated in seconds with a prompt upon first starting the game. With public voice chat, you lose NOTHING but we lose part of what makes competitive games good for us.

            To be clear, this is the kind of limitation that makes a competitive game relevant outside of a real pro scene for only 1 year instead of 5.

          • KnickKnackMyWack

            Let me go over this again to see if you get it this time.

            not for those of us that care about depth in our competitive games

            You’re a downright puny minority. Most teams are friends with each other and use parties anyway.

            I’ve already explained how this OPTION to have voice chat in public competitive games does not harm the experience of those that don’t want voice chat

            Never said it was harmful. However it is not essential and frankly unnecessary to have an adequate team experience. If you don’t like the inability to vocally communicate, get yourself a squad. It might as well be 999 times out of 1000 you will not have a full team of communicative players in a given public match. There just is not enough reason to make it into a big issue.

            because that option would be trivial to implement

            I doubt it is about the ease of adding it. This game is meant for children and I highly doubt Nintendo wants to see videos of people screaming obscenities at each other in public games being posted on the internet and other such PR disasters that would likely crop up from having public chat.

            As for the people that care about this being a minority: so?

            As such it’s a waste of time. I just don’t see the reason to get bent out of shape over this. There really are not enough people in the world to warrant this as a big deal. Newsflash: It wasn’t a big deal in the first Splatoon and it I guarantee it will be an even smaller deal in Splatoon 2 with party chat.

            To be clear, this is the kind of limitation that makes a competitive game relevant outside of a real pro scene for only 1 year instead of 5.

            If I gave a rat’s bum about the competitive scene, I would have stopped playing Smash and Overwatch quite a while ago. I just care about having a fun experience and I certainly do not require public chat for that.

          • Why is it your goal in this conversation to explain to me why the lack of public voice chat should not be a big deal to me? Why is that important to you when the experience that you want (voice chat with friends but not in public) is not going to be affected whether voice chat in solo queue is an option or not? Please understand your arrogance in telling those of us for which voice chat in solo queue is an important feature, that it isn’t or shouldn’t be.

            It’s a big deal for those that, like me, enjoy communicating in solo queue ranked matches against equally organized enemy teams. Whether there are 10 or 10,000 of us makes no difference on whether we are allowed to express our concerns, which are, by the way, based on previous experience. I play ranked overwatch when I want to put forth my best effort and have many skills to improve upon. I play ranked Splatoon when…actually, never anymore, because the inability to effectively communicate things as simple as “sniper on tower” or “let’s push now” to teammates just wasn’t possible. So for me, and those like me, this option is the difference between playing the game for years, or playing it for a couple of weeks before dropping it for another game that better respects my desire for competitive gaming.

            Of course there is (though we don’t really know yet) Squad Battle. If this time around there are more than 4 teams playing that mode, it could be useful once we personally jump through the hoops necessary to form a team of equally skilled friends and randoms willing to play with coordination.

  • Sooner or later they will have to implement internal friend voice chat rooms that run parallel with the game like in the PS4 and Xbone, the “use your cell phone thing wont fly” and having to use discord or something similar is just too much hassle when using the switch.

  • Fandangle

    so they didn’t learn much from the criticism of the last game.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    I thought we pretty much knew this already

  • Gamingfan

    Nintendo trying to be the parent. Nothing new here.

  • Oh, thank the Zapfish. That is the best decision ever for voice chat (at least for Splatoon). ♥

  • Petri

    As for tactical advantage, with randoms voice chat offers nothing.
    But it would be nice to have the option to enable VC with randoms for the sake of socializing.
    Just for meeting those 1/100 people you might want to add to friends list makes it well worth it to shuffle through those 99/100 toxic players and obnoxious kids.