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Natsume on Harvest Moon: Light of Hope’s graphics

Posted on November 19, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

If there’s one thing Harvest Moon fans have been critical of with Light of Hope, it’d be the graphics. The game doesn’t quite have a 3D look. At the same time, it doesn’t have 2D art either.

Natsume vice president of operations Graham Markay commented on Harvest Moon: Light of Hope’s graphics in an interview with PC Gamer. He noted that “Harvest Moon has never been about graphics,” and the series instead relays the message “that hard work gets rewarded.”

Markay told the publication:

“To each their own. But for us, it’s the feeling. Harvest Moon has never been about graphics. Fundamentally, it’s never been about a function, feature, character, or artstyle. It’s always been about that simplistic message that hard work gets rewarded.”

Markay did also say that Natsume has always considered fan feedback to be important. The company listened to the fans and removed terraforming from The Lost Valley while keeping other features such as the improved rucksack remain.

Markay said:

“We listen to everyone’s feedback because that’s the reason why the genre has grown. You take what’s popular in the series, and you try and evolve it at the same time.”


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  • Zugdar

    I’d say Harvest Moon went down.the tubes when they stopped focusing the details like art and style because it show in other areas. To say that gameplay is key is a laugh as I’ve yet to try a HM game in 10 years that did not have squishy controls, confusing systems, bad pacing and poor UI.

    I’d play Stardew Valley for another 20 to 30 hours than get burned by another HM.

    • Reggie

      You’re aware that the actual series is now called Story of Seasons, right?

      • Zugdar

        Yeah but that’s hardly a reason to be ok with driving a known franchise to the ground. It’s just too bad because they did not need to reinvent the wheel. Just build off what was left behind. If the series progressed 1 step each game it would be beyond Stardew in variety and options but overall quality either goes down or matches it’s previous release.

        • Reggie

          Oh I agree entirely. I wish that Marvelous would have bought the name as well, but I guess Natsume were too stubborn to part with it. I guess that’s what happens when their sole claim to fame relies on one game series…

  • Alt X

    Really looks like they went for the cheapest and quickest option for the graphics. shame.

    • The Guardian Fox

      If their goal was ‘hard work is rewarded’, then their lack of hard work
      on the graphics becoming criticized seems like the perfect response to me.

      • Samantha Stokes

        Lol I agree completely.

  • Ektoras Kalderis

    ”Harvest Moon has never been about graphics” That is the most bull***t thing i have ever heard. Harvest moon’s graphics were always charming. This is just ugly mobile crap

    • Mark

      Just another sign that Natsume really never knew what made Harvest Moon special to begin with.

  • Force

    I’ll wait for Story of Seasons, thanks.

  • Alex Queiroz

    looks like farmville from orkut or facebook , flash gamem, i miss the old 64 HM

    • Samantha Stokes

      Heck Hay Day has better graphics and it’s a mobile game.

  • Saki Okuda

    Sounds like they are trying to make an excuse for cheaping out on the graphics.

    Like others have said past HM titles had decent graphics with nice art style.

  • Reggie

    “Harvest Moon has never been about graphics”
    Harvest Moon for the SNES has way better graphics than this.

    • Ektoras Kalderis

      Only when the game flops, they will take the hint. And yes they could have used the snes graphics and everyone would be happy

    • AJK

      I was thinking exactly the same thing

  • Vive

    We’ll see the price.

    At 9.99 i’d be okay with that, more than 13.99 it has to be better than Stardew Valley which is very unlikely.

    • Saki Okuda

      The price is 29.99 (though launch price is 26.99 for Steam).

      I guess they are charging a higher price since they plan to launch physical versions for the PS4 and Switch. But still it’s pretty overpriced when you compare it to Stardew Valley.

  • AJK

    Why would anyone buy this when Stardew Valley is available?

  • And with that answer, should they be surprised that they’re not handling the series anymore?

    I’ve had problems with their localizations for a long time; from the quality, to some of the translations, and to how they have actually created bugs (big ones, even). I am glad they’ve given us the series for so long, but we deserved way better.

    And now their work as a developer is really reflective as how they are as a publishing/localizing company. They make an effort, but it’s very weak. And then they make excuses.

    Frankly, they need to admit to themselves that they need to up their quality, or at least make a better effort in terms of features. Stardew Valley does a better job of capturing what people love from N64 and GBA HM. This was never “Natsume’s” series and they shouldn’t be pretending it is when fans going professional do a significantly better job.

    They’re greedy, capitalistic and lucky they’re getting away with this, but even that won’t last long at this rate.

  • karol zdzich

    Yes gameplay > graphic as long as graphic have proper art style. Take away proper art style and gameplay dont matter anymore.

  • no one’s gonna play the game if the graphics are too fugly to look at, sorry. i’m just gonna keep playing magical melody.

  • So… you should farm for better graphics? =P

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