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New Pokemon X/Y scans – second Mewtwo Mega Evolution, starter Pokemon evolutions, more

Posted on September 11, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are due out next month, but there are plenty of new details to reveal. The latest issue of CoroCoro has done just that by pulling back the curtain on additional Mega Evolutions, starter Pokemon evolutions, and more.
Here’s a roundup of other information included in the magazine:

– Starter evolutions

Chespin -> Haribooga
Fennekin -> Teerunaa
Froakie -> Gerogashira

– New fossil types: rock/ice and rock/dragon

– Fairy overview

– Strong against Dragon, Dark and Fighting
– NVE against Steel, Poison and Fire
– Weak against Poison and Steel
– Resistant to Bug, Fighting and Dark
– Immune to Dragon
– New Mega Mewtwo is part Fighting
– Gerogashira knows Jump
– Chespin’s evolution knows Mud Shot
– Fennekin’s evolution knows Psycho Cut and has a twig in its tail
– Twig is used to fight and it stands upright
– Chespin’s evolution has a silhouette like Gengar’s
– Steel has lost its resistance to Dark and Ghost
– Newly revealed Mewtwo form is exclusive to X
– That likely means the other form is exclusive to Y
– “Freeze Skin” – Whatever Normal-Type attack you use becomes an Ice-Type attack. The move’s attack power is raised as well.
– “Strong Chin” – The attack power of moves that use your fangs like “Crunch” rises
– “Fur Coat” – The damage taken from any attack in which your opponent comes into physical contact with you is decreased by half
– New Fossil Pokemon: Chigorasu and Amarusu
– Other new Pokemon: Torimian and Nyaonikusu


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  • MyBodyIsReady

    Thanks for the share guys. Some of these look great…others not so much.

    Seriously that mega evolution mewtwo…ugh

  • SparkRaid

    Damn, gen 6 is getting a major revamp in terms of mechanics.

  • Tracy Bowersox

    That Mewtwo is about what I expected the first time I heard there was a new form for him. Dear lord…