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New Red Steel 2 details – Game length, additional weapons, more

Posted on May 9, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

These details come from German magazine N-Zone…

– Power, angle play important role in amount of damage given to an opponent
– Shake Wii controller to take out sword
– No weapon inventory, helps the flow of the game
– Sometimes need to complete quicktime events – ex: Protect against slashes
– Enemies will come at you directly when you shoot at them
– Sword/pistol aren’t the only weapons in the game
– Can obtain the shotgun, can be upgraded
– Can only play with Wii MotionPlus
– Location = American/Asian/futuristic Wild-West mix
– No characters from the first game returning
– Artists working on the game traveled to Japan, 6,000 pictures taken to get a good idea for the art in the game
– Main character is the only person
– 15 enemy classes
– 5 boss fights
– 6 enemies attacking at once at the most
– Main enemy is a warlord of sorts
– The bigger levels are about 30% linear, 70% open
– Extra missions will become available by radio
– Can complete extra missions whenever you want
– At one point in the game, you’ll learn Katana moves to take out barrages
– 10 hours of gameplay up to this point

Thanks to joclo for the news tip!

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  • yeahyeah

    sweet, i cant wait to see more of this game in the next e3.

  • Captain N

    E3 on June 2nd is when Nintendo will showcase their games, but I’m sure they will be showing 3rd party games as well such as this !!!! Sounds good so far.

  • opiumx

    I hope this (an other games like it) dont turn out to be “advanced slash movement” type games. I hope that when you move the wiimote, that the sword moves at a 1:1 ratio..

  • yeahyeah

    well, that’s what wii motion plus is all about..1 on 1 movement.

  • opiumx

    Yea yea, but we have heard all this before….

  • I do think that MotionPlus allows for 1:1 controls (or very close to it). Tiger Woods PGA Tour pretty much proves this, I think.

  • DragonOCZ

    Motion plus isn’t just about 1:1 motion, it’s also about more accurately measuring the SPEED and STRENGTH/POWER of your movements.

  • opiumx

    All I care about, is whether or not it will be a “make a move to trigger an action” type thing or not. Like the waggle gestures, only more sophisticated. I want to be able to jab the sword and stuff like that as well. I really dont see this happening. But Im a skeptic thanks to the initial promises of the wiimote. Its always dramatized. Anyway, tiger woods disc golf online!! Im sold on Mplus just for that….

  • mr awesome

    way cool! this game is gonna be SO much better than if only 5,000 pictures had been taken.

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  • opiumx

    I want the frick’n sword to have a frick’n laser on it! 🙂

  • Captain N

    U want a laser on the sword, then u must want to play No More Heroes !

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  • zinger_AU

    no one ever promised the original wii remote would have 1:1. its just people assumed it after the E3 wii sports demo. it HAS 1:1 IR response, just not movement. i wish people would get over the whole “that’s what it was supposed to be in the first place” thing. Cos it wasn’t. so move on.