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New games coming from Nintendo

Posted on May 28, 2008 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

This is rather odd…Some of these games came of nowhere, basically. And it looks like some of the Wario rumors were true.

July 10 DS Densetsu no Starfi
July 24 Wii Wario Land Shake
July 31 Wii Rei (Fatal Frame)
July 31 DS Rhythm Tengoku Gold
Aug 7 DS Fire Emblem DS
Aug 22 DS Inazuma Eleven

There are a few rumors circulating a few titles as well:

Wario Land Shake details

– hand drawn backgrounds
– toon-shaded characters

Bandai-Namco titles

– Wii touch?catch?Idol Master (Namco) ? 7/24 / 6800 yen
– Wii Taiko no Tastsujin?Hataite Dondake?(Namco) ? 7/31 / 6800 yen – 8800 yen (game was confirmed, but date isn’t)
– DS Kono Puzzle Yarou ! (Namco) ? 7/10 / 3800 yen
– DS Namcoach (Namco) ? 7/17 / 4800 yen
– Baten Kaitos DS (not the first we’ve heard this rumor, supposed Famitsu confirmation)


– Super Monkey Ball DS: either a budget re-release, or a new entry…I lean towards budget


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  • Mr. Hankey

    Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhh……looks like they are really serious about getting back the hardcore gamers (snicker, snicker)

  • PushDustIn

    Found this at the thread you sourced.
    [Its a blog about impressions from someone who says they went to a Nintendo business meeting]
    The first title I will talk about is Wii’s Wario Land Shake, which comes out July 24th.
    Its been a long time, since we’ve seen, been impressed with a polish action game. Do things as shake the Wii-mote, and tilt it and things will happen. Thinking about Wario’s movement and how he enters the warp pipe (I’m guessing like the Mario type of pipe the literal translation is ‘earthen pipe’) has made me smile.

  • Nice find, PushDustIn. Pretty interesting.