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Niconico app launches on Switch this week in Japan

Posted on July 11, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

A Niconico app was previously teased for Switch. Today, it’s been officially announced, and it’s launching in Japan very soon. Using it will allow Switch owners to watch online videos from the service.

Niconico is coming to Switch on July 13 in Japan. View a promo video for its release below.

Niconico will be the first media app for Switch. Worth noting, the system is region free, so you can download it from the eShop with a Japanese Nintendo account. The app will be distributed at no extra cost.


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  • GoldenTriforce

    So Switch apps are finally a thing?

    • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

      where is your avatar from?

      • GoldenTriforce

        Its from some Zelda content released for the taiko no tatsujin arcade game in Japan

        • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

          oh I see, it is very nice thank you

  • Exy

    Of course Japan gets the first video streaming program. Why wouldn’t they when they’re still the first class citizens of Nintendo’s customer base?

    • awng782

      Nintendo sells more hardware and software in America. Always has, always will.

    • Constantinos Lapiotis

      Your statement is not true.

      • Exy

        Sure it is. It’s a service available primarily to Japanese users.

    • menschmaschine

      Nintendo owns good amount of shares in Niconico

    • Tlink7

      Ah yes, everybody here in Europe is just dying to use their FAVOURITE video service, niconico 😛

      • Fore

        Can you imagine the look on a random dude here in Holland’s face if I ask him about NicoNico? They’d probably think I’ve had a few too many!

        • Shonenfan

          Heb je te veel bier op? Lol

  • Pepperkeet

    Youtube & the others are just a matter of time 🙂

  • Felipe M.

    Will give it a try. YouTube and Netflix apps are taking time.

  • James Fox

    Here’s a real question, Is Niconico worth it?
    I recall Niconico being an eye sore because of it’s distracting feature of comments scrolling over the videos

    • You can turn those off.

      • James Fox


        • There’s actually a toggle right on the videos, on the bottom of the video. I think similar in spot to where the Closed Caption button is for YT vids? It should be the button with the ellipses, I believe.

  • Blanco8x8

    So Niconico is Japanese YouTube?

    • James Fox

      In a way yes with one problem
      It has the ability to let comments scroll over the video
      (yes, it’s true)

    • Exy

      Nicovideo used to be superior to YouTube for many years a decade ago, but it has never evolved or upgraded from its initial specs, so in a lot of ways it’s worse. Much of its functions require a paid account, and a lot of videos on it are low quality because there’s still limitations on bitrate and file size. They were really generous in 2007 but are hardly acceptable for regular content creation today outside of specifically stylized videos that don’t require high resolution.

  • YamiryuuZero

    The UI on the app looks better than the UI on the site itself! XD


    Right… So give Japan the first video streaming app but us dirty “gaijin” still have to wait months just to get the YouTube app…

    • YamiryuuZero

      1. Companies tend to cater for their domestic market first, Microsoft also does it by releasing stuff in America first;
      2. Nintendo doesn’t create apps, it’s companies that do and ask for the company to allow their apps onto their machines. If Youtube doesn’t want to make an app for the Switch, Nintendo’s got no say on it;
      3. I’m hoping for a app. This is not related to your commentary, I just want the site to become a proper competitor to Youtube in every front.

  • DeltaPeng

    Sweet, I’ll use my Japanese eshop account to check it out

  • ≈ KobobKC ≈


    • But you didn’t make the text scroll across the comments section!

  • Shonenfan
    • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

      I read your comment 6 day ago, good job

    • ≈ KobobKC ≈

      I saw that