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“Nintendo a victim of their own success,” says Pachter

Posted on October 25, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

Although Wii sales have been slipping over the last few months, the console is still doing quite fine overall. People have been quick to say that its prosperity on the market is spiraling downward. However, Michael Pachter, analyst for Wedbush Securities, has simply said that Nintendo is a victim of its own success because of the Wii’s initial low price and that the company isn’t in trouble at all.

“You know, Nintendo’s a victim of their own success because had they known how big the Wii was going to be when they launched it, they would have launched it 100 bucks higher. And they would have managed price down to keep demand constant. So instead of selling 25 million Wiis a year, if they had sold 15, people would say ‘Oh my God, you’re geniuses. You’re outselling PS3 and 360.’ And this year they could sell 16 million with this cut. And everybody thinks they’re great. Instead they’re selling 20 million this year and we’re talking about what losers they are. That’s just crazy. They’re killing it…”

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  • EvilTradingCards

    There’s people calling Nintendo losers? I’ve honestly never seen a comment like that. You’d have to be blind to miss the “Wii sucks!” comments but that’s not saying “Nintendo sucks!”

  • Jake

    Lately (over the past year) i’ve lost faith in Patcher’s predictions. i dont know what to think of his comments anymore….

  • brianTAMPA

    I’d like to know just how much pure profit Ninty has made this generation… Will this help them in releasing an amazing follow-up to the Wii or are they just voing to squander it away? They should make a new Gameboy variant (with digital down loads only) and sell it dirt cheap ($50) to thank there swollen fan base!

  • Thomas N

    Even though Michael Pachter had said things in the past that turn out to wrong, what he said about Nintendo’s success is quite true. While Wii sales overall have fallen in the last few months, it is not to a point where it has lost so much marketshare to its rivals. It still has a large lead over its rivals in units sold.

  • Park_Triolo

    Why exactly does Wii suck?! I still haven’t figured that one out. I for one enjoy the Wii a lot, and I am not playing kiddie games. What is wrong with titles like COD: WAW, The Conduit, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Monster Hunter 3, the Resident Evil series, FIFA, NHL and I could go on… what exactly is wrong with those games? Great games, great graphics, cool atmosphere… in short… great entertainment.

    The Wii is designed to cater for the family, not like the Xbox or PS3, which are centered around the individual. Both MS and SONY are trying to catch up to Nintendo’s great ideas. They failed this generation which can clearly be seen in the sales numbers. Let’s see what Xbox 720 and PS4 will offer… but at that time Nintendo will almost certainly have invented something extraordinarily cool that will most likely leave the competition way behind.

    People bashing the Wii are just jealous of the immense success this machine has achieved. Why can’t people just be allowed to enjoy their investment, be that Xbox 360, PS3 or Wii without having some idiots criticizing them for their choice?! Long live all 3 consoles!!!

  • i seriously respect this guy, but still. Nintendo has made so much money with the Wii and DS, seems there econmists have done a fine job with the market price actually. A higher Wii Price would have not completely opened the portal to the casual market and not every market gap would have been taken up. other than that, if they were to charge a higher price, then people would blame them for selling a white box with nothing, i would. personally a 250-300$ wii would be a fine addition and that with motion plus, would be amazing. dont get me started on the ps3 remote or natal, after all, the playstation brand built itself and who then wanted gamecube. now it time for the nintendo wii for atleast the next generation.

  • NESBOY1001

    patcher is an ass and only states what some 12 year old in a forum already worked out for them self’s………..

    patcher please point out the human being that didn’t expect huge sales of mario wii,,,patcher that’s not predicting that’s stating the obvious…..

    patcher natal and ps3 wands cannot conpare to wii the GIMPED res evil 5 motion on ps3 confirms my fears for it NO ANALOG STICK AND STUPID SHARING CONTROL WITH A DUALSHOCK IN ONE HAND


  • Henry


    I’ll play Devil’s Advocate here by replying to your question… There is nothing wrong with the games you mentioned BUT

    COD: WAW on the Wii is watered down version of what is on the PS3 and 360. Same goes for FIFA and NHL.

    Yes, the RE series is great. But on the Wii they are mostly rail shooters and ports. If I was a Resident Evil fan I wouldnt own a Wii to play the best RE games.

    The Conduit is also a great game. But if you’re a fan of shooters, it’s probably best to look at other consoles because you won’t find too many stunning FPS games on Wii.

    Now dont get me wrong….this isn’t necessarily my opinion and I’m not trying to sound fanboyish. But a lot of the games you listed either have better versions on other consoles or simply have better games of that genre on the other consoles.

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