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Nintendo has a new and surprising game on the way

Posted on October 13, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Remember when Nintendo showed Metroid Prime Trilogy to the press when it was still a secret and revealed the game through a press release days later? Well, that’s apparently what’s happening with another project from the Big N.

On the latest IGN Nintendo Voice Chat podcast, a new mystery title was discussed. Although the Nintendo Team didn’t have much to say because it hasn’t been officially announced yet, Craig Harris did say that “judging from what it is, it’s not a B title.” Apparently it’s also a game that, as Matt Casamassina described, “came out of nowhere.” Fans probably won’t hear about what the title is all about for at least a few days, as that is what happened with Trilogy. But seeing as how it’s already in a playable state, there’s a good chance information will be shared sometime in the near future.

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  • bob

    better not disapoint me nintendo

  • umb

    Out of nowhere. That sounds like too many things. It could Kid Icarus, Kirby Wii, F-Zero or, now this is really going out on a limb, all three of them combined, seeing how the last time this happened, it was a trilogy too. Then again, it could just be Wii Music 2.0. sigh. Come on Nintendo. Don’t disappoint.

  • Thomas N

    I do not know how to respond until I know what is that “new and surprising game” is. I wonder when will Nintendo reveal it.

  • keyz

    Pilot Wings or Starfox please

  • Hermocrates

    –In the not-too-distant future–

    “Nintendo is pleases to announce their revolutionary new virtual experience, Wii Checkup! Experience all the exciting pleasures of visiting the doctor’s office, including a virtual waiting room with crappy magazines, simulated crying babies, and surly nurses. Marvel at the AI of the doctors-it’s almost as if they actually went to Med School! Also included is a revolutionary new ‘fill-in-the-HMO-paperwork’ minigame. This software will take advantage of Nintendo’s thrilling Wii Vitality Sensor, and will feature bonus content for those who purchase other upcoming peripherals, including the Wii Stethescope, Wii Reflex Hammer Thing, Wii Tongue Depressers…”

    I should stop now. I don’t want to give them any ideas…

  • Kisama

    Wii sports vacation. You heard it here first.

  • @Kisama: Nintendo and Miyamoto have stated repeatedly by now that the “Wii” games series is over. Resort and Wii Fit Plus were the last titles there. Given their ever-increasing focus on new core properties as of late, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were something more core oriented.

    We’re due for more Cosmic Walker and Dynamic Slash details one of these days too, as is.

    So much baseless negativity these days.

  • Panipal2005

    I know, I know, it’s a Mario game! Or could it be….a Mario game? Oh wait, I got it! It’s gonna be…a Mario game!

  • Captain N

    Watch it will be Excite Bike, like last year when Excite Bots popped out of nowhere !

  • IronROB

    I guess its either that new “Project Sora” game Sakurai and Nintendo are working on or the new game that Retro Studios are working on(assuming its hopefully not one of Nintendo’s series).

    I won’t mind though if it is something I really didn’t expect. I like to be surprised.

  • Hejiru

    What is a B title?

  • RideZeLitenin

    B title meaning like on a grade through A-F, it’s supposively not a B – but better. We’re talkin’ a A title right here.

    Hmmm… The game probably from franchise that has been nearly forgotten about. Or, maybe it’s something brand new. When they mean “came out of nowhere”, I hope they said it in a good way.

  • Hejiru:

    A “B” title is also referred to as schedule filler. It’s a game that might be good, but not exactly notable. Great examples of this are Battalion Wars II and ExciteBots.

    On topic, I’m keeping my hopes tempered. IGN’s ran their mouth on things like in the past (Kid Icarus, anyone?).

  • contra the game

    as my avater states wish its CONTRA!!!

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    I hope it’s either…

    Kirby – His new game has been in development hell, and he’s been stuck with spinoffs and remakes in the meantime. C’mon, it was promised to us for years, and it still hasn’t shown up like the 2009 release schedule said! I actually think this is the most likely first party game, considering it’s one of the LAST things that hasn’t been officially revealed that’s located on the 2009 release schedule. Plus, it’d be a nice 2D complement around NSMBWii’s release. Give us Kirby Wii!

    Or the next best thing…

    Star Fox – This series really needs a sequel/reboot after Command, and the possibility of a Wii game has been teased at us.

    Kid Icarus can wait a bit longer, I think he’s got too much competition with Other M, and the last time he was released alongside Metroid he was overshadowed. F-Zero should have a GX sequel, but not yet I think, maybe when there’s nothing else on the foreseeable horizon.

    Of course, there’s also the off chance that this is Project Needlemouse somehow finding its way on the Wii and somehow meeting early praise, but I really hope it’s Kirby or Star Fox.

  • David Macphail

    I’m hoping it’ll be the announcement of a Pokemon MMORPG.

  • Dom

    My bet is that its a new Donkey Kong platformer for Wii created by Paon. This wouldn’t necesarily be A-List, but it would definetly be a game to look forward to if Paon hit the right notes. Signs of this game coming is the inclusion of King K Rool in Mario Sluggers and the release of Jungle beat as a New Play Control Wii! game. If im right,(which I really hope I am) we may be seing Paon’s take on a real Donkey Kong adventure soon!! (a man can dream can’t he?)

  • vigeoman

    I actually wouldnt be surprised if it was a FPS
    nintendo has done atleast every genre escept the FPS genre (tell me if im wrong or not cause i dont know but dont tell me they didnt do a mmo or something)
    even though im not a fan of FPS’S i think it would be pretty cool

  • emevigroF

    …. I hope it isn’t Pikmin or Animal Crossing or some stuff like that… if it’s a real B title, so it could be Donkey Kong Wii, Star Fox Wii, Kid Icarus Wii, Kirby Wii or maybe a F Zero Wii… but they could be Hyping this “surprising game” to give us expectative that it will be REALLY one of these titles and keep our eyes only on Nintendo, but, it could be a really dispensable game like the ones i said in the beggining of my post… so, my tip for all is:DON’T EXPECT TOO MUCH, REALLY!

  • luigiman1928

    The person who does mario’s voice on his Twitter page says that he went in to the studio to record something. He also said that it was’nt New Super Mario, or SMG2!

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  • PNS

    I hope its another paper mario and if it is I swear to god it better not be another one like super paper mario because that took alot of the paper out of paper mario

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