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Nintendo release schedule – July 2017

Posted on July 26, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Switch

Included in Nintendo’s latest financial results documents is the upcoming release schedule for Switch and 3DS. It offers a look at what’s to come for both platforms from a first and third-party perspective. Find the latest schedule below.


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  • awng782

    Pokémon RPG for Switch: 2018 or later
    Metroid Prime 4: TBA

    Interesting distinction…

    • Diego

      It obvious that the next pokemon will be out in November 2018 like every pokemon lol

      • Carlos

        Yep, I’d be pretty surprised if it came out In 2019.

        • Diego

          March 2019, and our faces would be like: wat.

  • masterjedi

    2018 will be interesting. In 2017 Nintendo is giving us 5 new games (BotW, Arms, Splatoon 2, Fire Emblem Warriors, Mario Odyssey) and a couple of major re-releases in MK8D and Pokken Tournament Deluxe. That’s 7 games in a 10 month span just from Nintendo. So far the only things confirmed for 2018 are Fire Emblem, Yoshi and Kirby. We all assume Pokemon is coming in 2018 along with Metroid but we don’t know that for sure. Even if both of those games land in 2018, that’s still only 5 titles for the year. What else could Nintendo bring to fill out the year? Do you think they will stick to the strategy of releasing a big game every month in year 2?

    • Radish

      You forgot Xenoblade 2. And why is Mario + Rabbids listed as a 2018 release? Thought it was being released next month.

      • masterjedi

        I noticed that too about Mario+Rabbids. I feel like that must be a typo because I haven’t seen or heard anything about that game being delayed. Also is Xenoblade 2 a first party game? I thought that was a second party game?

        • Radish

          I think MonolithSoft is pretty much 1st party now. I forgot where I read it but I thought Nintendo owned like 97% of the company. So if they are 2nd Party then Pokemon is even moreso.