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Nintendo takes down Gateway flashcart with new 3DS update

Posted on June 21, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Nintendo’s latest 3DS firmware update didn’t just add new save backup functionality. It also took down Gateway’s flashcart. Gateway, however, claims to be “working on making it compatible as quickly as possible” – not exactly the kind of thing Nintendo would like to hear. Nonetheless, these flashcarts have been stopped for now.

Gateway was in the news last month for declaring that it managed to create the first working 3DS flashcart. It allows games to run through microSD cards, which led to concerns regarding piracy.


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  • Tou Lee

    Ok. I know few people like it because they like to backup their games like me. I always miss place my 3ds game and hate when I only have a download games on eshop but can’t play it on my other 3DS and I hate to transfer. I can’t get my old game that I bought because it is lock on one of my lost 3DS. My lost 3DS! Buying games on eshop is bad if you lost it. Can’t be re-download. I hate it. Gateway help me a lot. I can get backup without losing it making me have full safety by 100%

  • Robert Lew

    Gateway 3ds has just cracked down the latest 3ds 8.1.0-19 U as far as i know, and users can emulate the latest version 3ds games now, its what i use and love it so far.

  • Nguyen Debra

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